Speak Softly


“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” ~
Ambrose Bierce  

As I contemplated what to say to my sons teachers at conferences tomorrow afternoon, I happened to stumble on this quote. Isn’t it amazing how we get what we need at the exact time in our life we need it most? I am going to purposely practice some peaceful yoga right before I go and I guarantee, because of this quote, my conversation will be much different than I initially imagined.

Do You Notice?


There is still no food in the house because we are still in the phase of removing the food source for those pesty moths. We decided to go for dinner and settled on Buffalo Wild Wings. I told everyone they had to leave their phones at home and then felt foolish as we sat surrounded by a thousand tv’s. There was no conversation over the hooting and hollering going on over stupid football games. I couldn’t help but wonder how different relationships might be if we were as passionate and into each other as we were a random football game. It was like someone punched me right in the gut when I glanced around to see families and couples staring at the screens. Is that what we have become in this world where you can watch tv anywhere you are, including the bathroom? We are so distracted. We are so afraid we might miss something on the mighty tube but we have no concern what we might be missing in our own relationships. How could we though when our attention is always someplace else? Who has time to notice anyway?