Who Are You?


How are you feeling today? If you had to choose one word to describe who you are based on the way you are feeling right now, who are you? Give yourself a name. Are you love, peace, hate, anger? If I didn’t believe that we carry around energy and transmit it wherever we go, I sure do believe it today. I went to yoga this morning and we worked on opening our heart chakra. I spent an hour and a half breaking down protective barriers of my heart and opening myself to love and receive love from others. It took exactly 2 minutes after class ended to receive my first test. That is what yoga teaches us, that everyone who comes into our life is there to teach us a lesson. We are told that it is easy to love people who are lovable but how do you fend when you are trying to love someone who doesn’t seem lovable at all?

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about kindness. It has changed titles several times. A woman sent me a message telling me I had to change the wording of the title of my post because she owned the copyright to particular words. Today, weeks later, I received another threatening reminder even after I changed the title immediately days ago. As I left that class feeling all open, I checked my email and bam! Lesson one was staring me right in the face. I felt like I was under attack. Did this woman not even notice my title had changed because she was so focused on projecting her anger and aggression toward me? I responded by asking her politely to stop contacting me and wished her many blessings. Soon after, I came home and was filled with aggression too. I let that woman fill me up with so much of her anger that I became it. I couldn’t believe it. Her misplaced aggression was passed onto another innocent victim through my misplaced aggression. This energy thing is a tricky concept. It is hard to find the perfect balance of giving and receiving. No one can steal your peace. Peace is a calm that resides in each and everyone of us but anger is triggered by more anger. It’s a chain reaction. Next time I hope I will remember to breathe and that people’s words and behaviors are mostly about them and little about me. I need to calmly remind myself to choose peace and forgiveness and to be more responsible for the energy I carry around. I would never intentionally pass around a sour apple so I must think before I react.

So, let’s hear it. Who are you today? I’m ashamed.

What is Your Trademark?


I am very grateful to a stranger who taught me a powerful lesson today. Recently, I wrote a post titled The Art of Kindness that I willingly and happily changed to The Art of Practicing Kindness. I received this message in response to my original post.

The term The Art of Kindness and Art of Kindness are original copyright/trademark terms – Intellectual Property Rights – Please change your use of the term – the term is exclusive to a charitable fund-raising initiative and being taken off the internet – You do not own the rights to the term.

As I sat there reading these words, I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. Is this why we have seen such a lack of kindness lately? Just turn on the news. Maybe the whole art of kindness thing is owned by the wrong people with the wrong intentions. Wait, can I even use those words in a sentence at all? Perhaps the whole idea can only be used by this charitable fund-raising initiative. I heard the lady loud and clear but how in the world does she expect me to change the use of my term? See that term actually means something to me because I am a promoter and practicer of kindness myself. I get that there are laws, really I do, but the thought that someone has the audacity to actually believe they own the rights to a term seems very silly to me. See, for me, words are just words. They are tiny scribbles that we interpret. What is it we interpret though? I can tell you an apple is a peach but if you believe the peach is an apple, why would I try and change your mind? Words only the have the meaning we apply to them. Words are the source of a great deal of trouble. They can easily offend or be misinterpreted. I make it an effort to place less value on the words themselves and place more value of the intention behind them. I can say I love you to anyone. However, if I act abusive and cruel, the words are just words without any meaning. So, to receive this message concerning the idea of kindness struck me as inappropriately funny in itself.

Who do we think we are these days? We think we are entitled to own anything or anyone we want, even a few words strung together in a certain order. The sense of entitlement surprises me every day. I read something a long time ago. It says we attract on the level we are feeling. I have been feeling pretty negative and maybe even argumentative. I have been reading A Course in Miracles and have come to understand that I need to pray for the perspective to align my thoughts with my true self. The quiet part that is filled with only peace and only love. This message provided the perspective I needed. For me, what is most important is to live in a place of love. I had been residing someplace else and it didn’t feel very good. Be the love, speak the love, give the love, be an example of love. I would like to own that. I believe love and kindness go hand in hand. Perhaps it would be worth the effort to make that my trademark. I guess what’s important is not to make it official by some silly documents but for others to look at me and define me as that without me having to coin it for myself. I guess if I am totally honest, I can admit I have been living in a very dark place called a reaction to a lack of love.

So, once again I say thank you to the perfect stranger who helped me see the perspective I needed to get me to a better place. We are just human beings, here on Earth to share a common experience. At the end of our lives, it doesn’t matter where we worked or what we owned. What does matter is who we were and how we treated others along the way.