You Matter


In a world full of critics, the bravest and most admirable role you could ever play is yourself. When you can be you without reservation or apology, when you can put all of yourself out there in way that leaves you transparent and vulnerable, you have accomplished a freedom that so many long for but will never experience. Courage comes in many forms and there is no greater beauty than seeing someone shine in their own natural light. Don’t ever let anyone tell you who you are. Their labels, opinions and limits can never define you. Only you have the power to do that. Build yourself up in a world that freely participates in tearing one another down. You are amazing for who you are and that isn’t dependent on anything else. Shine today and spread that light deep and far. You matter.

Bend, Don’t Break


It seems like everything crashes down around me at the same time. I have reminded myself time and time again that the sky is not going to fall but I am keeping one hand on it just in case. That’s the thing, just because everything else is falling down does not mean I have to crumble with it. I am a warrior, in control(for the most part) of my own destiny and when the wind starts to blow, I must ground myself and find comfort and strength in my roots. The storm will pass and I will come out on the other side of it safe and strong. Sometimes it’s necessary to bend so that I do not break so bend I will. What do you do to stay grounded.

You Are Already Enough


I was looking through photos yesterday and I was amazed at how we change as time moves on. We don’t see it from day to day but compare this years picture to last and the evidence is there. So often I find myself saying, I”ll start tomorrow. I’ll do better tomorrow. I’ll be in a good mood tomorrow. Tomorrow’s find a way of sticking together and before I know it, years have gone by and I’ve missed out on celebrating today because I am always focused on what’s coming next. 

What if tomorrow doesn’t come? This is your reminder to be awesome today. Stick to the diet, go for the run, be the person you promised you’d be before you closed your eyes to go to sleep last night. You can do it today and everyday. Change is often so slight that we hardly notice it. We discourage ourselves by convincing our silly minds that one pound is not enough and one good day is barely noticeable. Celebrate those subtle changes everyday. Honor your accomplishes like they are the biggest thing you have ever achieved. Build yourself up and encourage yourself to keep going. Find the strength to say, I AM AMAZING EACH AND EVERYDAY and someone else’s standards will not define me or become my own. I don’t have to wait for tomorrow and who I am does not need to be conditional based on how I think I measure up or against someone’s unfair expectations of me. Those conditions hold me back. They make me feel like a failure because they blind me to all the wonderful things I do and the amazing person I already am. There is no need for perfection. We are already perfect just the way we are and there is no need to strive for something that is no more than a illusion created in our own minds. So again, today be amazing. Be you. Let the world adjust. In a world where our effort is ignored and perfection is the expectation, embrace your imperfection. It is the very thing that makes you real. You are already enough. 

No More Lollipops For You


From the time we are born, our parents tell us how special we are. We throw tantrums until we get what we want and then we grow into adults. Somewhere along the way, we missed the part where the world doesn’t accommodate us anymore after a certain age. We cannot special order the world, people, our president, or an outcome the way we can special order eggs at a favorite, local restaurant. The truth is, we are all special in our way but not so special that what we want holds more value than what someone else may want. The world does not owe you or anyone else a single thing. As an adult, we must learn to adapt to whatever is and to find a way to survive in situations that make us uncomfortable. We don’t get a fuzzy blanket wrapped around us every time we are cold and a lollipop each time we bump an elbow on the same corner of the wall. We don’t have the right to make everyone else’s life miserable because things in our own life are in disarray. We have to leave the tantrums behind  because the result of this ridiculous behavior is stealing any chance for peace for people just trying to make ends meet while wanting desperately to live a happy, decent life. Just my two cents. I know life is hard but all the lollipops have been handed out. You have to learn to do this without a reward. 

Keep Out! Let’s Start This Movement.


It dawned on me a moment ago that I am in total control of what I see, hear and think. Today, I will softly repeat KEEP OUT to myself. I will not let the bad stuff in. I will do no harm. KEEP OUT. I will not give anger and resentment or the need to control any of my attention. KEEP OUT. I will not speak words that rip our country apart. Judgement has no place in my life. Blame is not allowed. KEEP OUT. I will not allow the things that darken my hope and soul the power to consume me. KEEP OUT. I will not allow ignorant comments to shake my faith. KEEP OUT. I will not allow anyone to define me or determine my worth. KEEP OUT. I will not turn on the news. KEEP OUT. I will not engage in arguing. KEEP OUT. I will not look at anything else today or spread anything that pours out negativity. KEEP OUT. 

They say what you give your attention to grows in significant magnitude. What you see, hear, think and feel adds more of the same. Do not feed the things that are incompatible with your soul. Surround yourself with peace and love and do whatever it takes to love yourself and raise the vibration you carry around and send back out into the world. Save yourself. Protect your thoughts and make it your steadfast goal to be the change we so desperately need in this precious world.

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We The People


Do you have the courage to be who you say you are? It’s so easy to point out someone who is acting like a hypocrite. It’s becoming almost second nature to point a finger at someone and force them to be accountable. The question is, do we hold ourselves to that same serious standard? Do we walk around preaching like we are one way and behind closed doors act like someone else?

I know I’m my own life, I have this clear vision of who I want to be. I try every day to get to that destination where the expectation of myself becomes one with the reality of who I am. I do not pretend to be perfect or have all the answers but I do know who and what I have to be to do my part. 

The bottom line is simple. I cannot continue to blog about being a decent human being if I am not going to make the necessary changes to become one myself. I have to stop making excuses for bad behavior and say no more while at the same time actively replacing them with different, healthier ones. Let’s stop calling everyone else out and work on improving ourselves. We won’t have time to fact check our Facebook friends and neighbors if we are occupied with fact checking ourselves. It’s time for a change but the question you have to ask yourself is will you be the change or one of the same? Notice how many times you speak or think about someone else doing something you don’t like. Pay attention how preoccupied you are with having opinions about everyone else when you you should be focused on the work you need to do on yourself. Imagine if you spent as much time building others up and pointing out their strengths how natural that would  become when applying it to yourself. Let’s make an effort to practice using our positive voice and create the change we so desperately need to see in this world. We the people need to be better people. Are you with me? 

Time To Move On


We all have that moment when it is time to give up. If we walk a particular path filled with roadblocks, eventually the time comes when we have to accept we are on the wrong trail and turn around. Our will is not necessarily Gods will. Just because we want something more than anything and will risk anything to get it does not guarantee it will be ours to have in the end.

When you sit in that moment in complete honesty with yourself you will find peace. Your path will become clear and you will realize it’s not defeat that you are facing but rather a redirection of where you are really supposed to be. That is the moment you put down the fear you once carried and realize now is the time to simply move on.

Have You Reached A Breaking Point?


Have you ever committed yourself to something wholeheartedly that gets you absolutely nowhere? Sometimes it’s necessary to make the tough choice to remove yourself from the people and situations that hold you back. How do you stay committed to the very things that snuff the light right out of your soul? At what point do you stand up and say, that’s it, I’m done, enough is enough? How do you part ways with the willingness to try nd finally admit you gave it your best try but it’s time to be done?

What is your breaking point?
I love this quote

Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t~ Steve Maraboli

How Do You React To Intimidation?


There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me~~Jane Austen 

I do not like conflict. I am peaceful by nature and when that peace is disturbed internally, I feel like a walking soda can that has been shaken up and left to possibly explode. What will happen when someone pulls on the tab? 

When it comes to being pushed around and intimidated, that soda settles right now. Somehow, someway, the explosion that seems imminent is calmed by something in me that is called to stand up for something that is right. I am a fighter of causes, a voice for the speechless, hope for the hopeless. It’s a curse and disguise all at the same time because it puts me in a vulnerable place. Someone has to do it and apparently someone is my middle name.

How could I back down when every instinctual feeling tells me I have to do what’s right? How could I live with myself if I walked away when I know I am meant to stand and fight?

How do you react to being pushed around or intimidated by someone? When you see something is all wrong, do you get involved and speak up or do you turn your head and look the other way?