A Time For Pause


I remember how exhausted I felt when my kids were younger. There was always something to do and even when we were home it was laundry, homework, projects, chaos. The one thing missing from our lives was quiet and downtime. Life was like a merry go round that just kept spinning and I wanted to jump off. Day after day it was the same thing until we fell into bed exhausted preparing to do it again.

For me and I imagine for others, this time at home has brought a sense of peace I haven’t known for a long time. I see it in my kids and my husband. The freedom that comes with taking a pause from the demands of the grind are more valuable than what we have left behind. It has taken us back to simpler times before everything and everyone became too busy for the things that matter.

I hope that you are in a place of peace despite this pandemic. I pray you are being transformed back to your true self before the world told you who you had to be. We don’t have to keep up with the Jones. We don’t have to put our kids in every year round sport. We don’t have to work so many hours that not one is left to even fit in a deep breath. This is a time of change and transformation like we have never known. Fall into in. Embrace it. Things will get back to normal but in this house our new normal will be redefined. We are never going back to that…