Life Is Like A Rodeo


I guess there is a real parallel between life and a rodeo. Some of you are probably asking yourselves where I could possibly be going with this one , but be patient, you will see.

The arena is where our interactions take place. It’s life, plain and simple. It could be our jobs, our home, a restaurant. You name it, anywhere life happens gives life to an arena.

The bull could represent anyone who carries anger, attacks others and becomes aggressive in a moments notice. They are the ones quick to anger and speak with a hurtful tongue. If you disagree with them or rub them the wrong way, you can be certain they will attack.

Who is the cowboy? That is the person who attempts to interact with the bull. The one who tries with all his might to have some type of relationship, all the while knowing they may be attacked. The person who tries to get him under control, yet despite holding on for dear life and giving it his best fight, either just gives up and bows out or gets too roughed up by the constant fight.

So, who then is the rodeo clown? According to Wikipedia, the primary job of the bullfighter(aka rodeo clown) is to protect a fallen rider from the bull by distracting the bull and providing an alternative target for the bull to attack, whether the rider has been bucked off or has jumped off of the animal. I guess it would be the person who gets in between the bull and cowboy to try and protect the rider and steer the bull away from his path. And the craziest part, that clown actually does it while alleviating everyone’s horror by making the crowd laugh. Sounds like a dangerous job, don’t you think? Who would knowingly put himself in danger to protect someone from getting hurt or possibly risk getting hurt himself by redirecting the bulls aggression toward himself? It doesn’t sound like a pleasant job but I guess someone has to do. Would you volunteer, especially knowing you could be harmed in the process?

And who would even attempt to be anywhere near a bull with its unpredictability and aggressive nature?

And do I need to even ask who would want to mimic the bull as far as behavior?

Who are the bulls, the cowboys, and the rodeo clowns in your life? Pay attention. They are easy to pick out.

We all play a role in the arena of life. Which role do you play, the cowboy, the bull or the rodeo clown? I’d love to hear about it.