Which One Are You?


There are those people who open the blinds every morning so everyone can see the sun. There are also those people who purposely create a room of darkness to keep out the light. Which person are you?

It’s amazing to me how consistent some people are with their positivity or negativity and how they use it to influence others especially on social media. It’s time to be accountable for everything we say and do and how it contributes to humanity as a whole. Something to consider.

Stolen Moments


You may not see it, but I know it is there

It is a shadow that I cannot escape, creeping closer when I turn away

It taps me on the shoulder but I do not dare turn my head

If I look it in the eyes it will consume me til we are one and the same

I keep moving but still it follows, closer and closer

I can feel myself fading into its darkness

It feels so empty, removed and I’m comfortable there

There are no concerns, no worries

Nothing can touch me there, not a single thing going on in this circus of a world

Not my circus, not my monkeys anymore

I sleep and sleep while depression tightens it’s hold

It wraps it’s arms snuggly around me and I settle in, sinking lower

A place to escape where I am safe from the intensity, the pain, the fighting

A place to rest until I am strong again 
Earier today I heard about someone who took his own life. Depression is a scary thing and it can rob people of the precious time they are meant to spend living and feeling happy. If you know someone with depression reach out. Show them compassion and kindness. Be the hope that has become dim. The world can be a lonely place. Be a loving embrace, a kind word, an understanding heart. Be the light when someone is trapped in the dark. It’s the smallest things that can make the biggest difference. Be that difference.

Can You See in the Dark?


Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that- Martin Luther King

This is such an important quote. There is so muck knowledge in these few words. The question I have is do you understand them? Do you get it? Do these words make sense to you? If so, do you live your life in a way that reflects these words?


The Chocolate Chip Sitting On My Shoulder


Lately I’ve had a gigantic chocolate chip on my shoulder. All the sweetness has been sucked out of me and is sitting there taunting me as I scowl at it smuggly. I opened my eyes one morning and my world was dark. I don’t even know how I wandered into such a mentally draining place but I am standing knee deep and unsuccessfully trying to trudge my way out. I always say the way we act comes down to a choice. Am I seriously choosing to be this monster of negativity who has tainted my vision to see nothing but doom and gloom? I am so frustrated with everyone including myself. If I could crawl out of my skin and into a happier place, I would jump at the chance but the challenge is finding that happy place standing exactly where I am in this moment inside of myself. I have so much to be grateful for but my mind is defeated. Ebb and flow. The constant change that is continuously spinning all around us. Now to steady myself and find my balance. The mind can be a very dark place when we allow it to wander to a place we know we don’t belong. Time to turn these boots around and march back to a place that feels lighter and hopeful. I have the desire to get there, I have just lost my way. What do you do to find your way back when you slip into the negativity hole that swallows you up until you feel completely lost?