Creating Moments


One thing I have discovered after 15 years of practicing parenting is that there comes a time when kids go their own unique, separate way. It is so important to create moments where you leave your son or daughter no other choice but to spend the day with you. Plan things you know they enjoy. Make time for the one on one. Whether it’s shooting hoops in the backyard with one kid or planning a special meal at their favorite place, do it today.

Tonight I am spending the evening with my daughter. I am sacrificing my own taste buds and taking her to the Thai restaurant of her choice. Then, we are headed to the city to watch Phantom of The Opera. We went to see our first play together last year and I knew then that we would be seeing a play together at least once every year.

Kids grow up. They move out and they move on. Give them a reason to always want to come home. Someday you will wait patiently for those days and hold on to the memories you have made in between. Be someone they want to spend time with and you will never have to wonder if the day will come when they no longer want to be around.