Can You Handle The Truth?


I have blogged about this so many times that it’s starting to be painful. I watch people all around me desire a different life, different circumstances, a new outcome. What they fail to see is that they keep living the same misery over and over again while getting the same unfortunate results. Why me they cry? I’m such a victim. I just don’t get it. I’ve said this before, 1+2 will always be three. If you keep plugging the same numbers or same mistakes into the same equation, guess what answer/outcome you’ll end up with? It may look different but 2+1=3 too. 

So what can you do to make the changes you really desire? Something different! Start by taking your power back and accepting accountability for your own life. Take that finger you so eagerly point at everyone else and point it so hard back at yourself that you poke out your own eye. Stop being in denial about how YOU are ruining your own life by living the same whoa is me scenario over and over again.

One thing I have learned that has completely changed my life is that I cannot change anyone else. I do however have the power to change myself, my thinking, beliefs, my life. If you want change, it’s up to you. If you keep living in the same  unsatisfying patterns, it’s because of you.

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Be your own hero. Save yourself before it’s too late.