Do You Notice?


There is still no food in the house because we are still in the phase of removing the food source for those pesty moths. We decided to go for dinner and settled on Buffalo Wild Wings. I told everyone they had to leave their phones at home and then felt foolish as we sat surrounded by a thousand tv’s. There was no conversation over the hooting and hollering going on over stupid football games. I couldn’t help but wonder how different relationships might be if we were as passionate and into each other as we were a random football game. It was like someone punched me right in the gut when I glanced around to see families and couples staring at the screens. Is that what we have become in this world where you can watch tv anywhere you are, including the bathroom? We are so distracted. We are so afraid we might miss something on the mighty tube but we have no concern what we might be missing in our own relationships. How could we though when our attention is always someplace else? Who has time to notice anyway?

What is On Your plate?


I had coffee with a friend today. We were talking about how lecturing and nagging kids actually shuts them off from hearing what we are trying to convey. I tried something different tonight. I had an empty measuring cup on the table. When Kayleigh said something rude to her brother, I handed her the cup. I told her to pour out onto her plate exactly what she needed. She looked at me like I was crazy and then took the cup. My kids are always up for my silly games so she took the empty cup and poured it onto her plate. I told her it was a helping of patience and that the cup held exactly what everyone needed. All you had to do was reach out and help yourself.

Did it work? Who knows, but I can guarantee she heard that more than she would have heard a lecture about being kind to her brother. That cup held some pretty important food for the soul. It was full of patience, kindness and acceptance tonight. I wonder what it will hold tomorrow.

Best Invention Ever



There are so many inventions I am grateful for. The crockpot is just one of them. Seriously, what is better than walking inside your house and being tantalized by the wonderful smell of dinner that is waiting to be eaten inside your beloved crockpot? The funny part is I owned one for 13 years before I actually ever used it. Crazy huh? And now? Ahhhh…I wish you could smell what I’m smelling.

What is an invention that you are grateful for?

Are You Predictable?


I have a group of fun friends that plan little get togethers to help encourage us to keep in touch. One in particular came up with the idea of Taco Tuesday. I guess the event really speaks for itself. We meet for dinner every other week Tuesday at various Mexican restaurants. This week Taco Tuesday is scheduled to take place on Wednesday and we are meeting for pizza. I love that I never know what to expect from this crazy girl. I often wonder how other people would view me. Would they consider me boring and predictable or fun and spontaneous? I may have to change my ways. How do you think others see you?

What Do You See?



I remember the day I got this dining room set as a gift almost 15 years ago. Year after year, meal after meal, I have stared at this chair across the table from where I sit. Today, though, I had to chuckle. For the first time ever, it is not the top of the chair. It is an ice cream cone, a hershey kiss and an apple pie. Isn’t it amazing that our mind can see the same thing for 15 years, but one day it chooses to see that same thing in a new and different way? What do you see?

A Piece of Cake


I would love to tell you I am about to blog about something profound. Perhaps something that will make you look deep inside yourself and search your soul while racing to the finish line to become your perfect higher self. But today I am just planning on telling you something completely insignificant.

I was at the grocery store today, wandering around, wondering what to have for dinner tonight. That is one thing I am absolutely horrible at, planning dinners. In fact the only thing I am worse at, is actually following through and cooking dinners. I don’t know why I have a mental block when it comes dinner time, maybe because I become so bothered just thinking about it, that I am completely exhausted by the time I get to the store. But, I acknowledge that quirk as part of who I am and acceptingly allow it to exist. So, as I was walking around in circles, coming up with absolutely nothing, I spotted this beautiful, very large piece of strawberry shortcake. I tried my best to walk past it but became distracted by the magnetic pull it was having on my cart. I picked it up to take a closer look, and the closer I got, the better it looked. I even stood there and argued with myself for a minute or two, but the impulsive and demanding toddler in me told that voice of reason to shut up as my little girl screamed I WANT IT, I WANT, I WANT IT and I won’t stop screaming until you put it in the cart. You can imagine how embarrassing that must have been with everyone staring while that spoiled little girl continued to scream, so I had no choice to PICK it up and PUT it in my cart. I told her I was very disappointed in her behavior, but I understood how it feels to want a piece of cake. So, she agreed to share it with me, and that is what we will be eating for dinner tonight. I just hope no one else is hungry because she really doesn’t like to share.