A Birthday I Will Never Forget!


I did it! I turned the big 45 in the happiest place on Earth. Yes, I know I was just at the Magic Kingdom a month ago but I must say, celebrating my birthday there was absolutely amazing! I had lunch in the castle embracing my inner child surrounded by smiling princesses. And wrapping the day up with the electric parade and fireworks left me with goosebumps from head to toe. One thing I have spent the last year understanding is that life is just way too serious. Maybe actually, I am way too serious and there is so much opportunity in my life to allow for some fun. That is my word for the year to come…fun! Laughter, love, smiling, giggling, fun. All those other dreams and goals and pressures to be more, have more, do more can wait. This year will be about finding my inner child and experiencing more happiness than I have ever known. Here are some memories of my special day!