When Priorities Are Lost (Unity Part 2)


One thing I have focused on lately is my priorities. The outside world cannot reach in and distract me as long as I gently remind myself of the things that really matter. For me, the top two would be God and Family. When I do my best to live in the image of God, I am able to soften. I am tired of the bickering and watching people celebrate things like what color state they live in. I look around and I celebrate kindness, unity, self restraint. I no longer strive for tough love but am working to reach a new level of gentleness. Is there a God? The truth is I have no idea but as long as there’s a chance, I will continue to believe. We have replaced goodness, compassion, kindness and the desire to be one with things that make me feel ashamed just thinking about them. The things that bring people together today are conditions and illusions. Fighting and resisting against something or someone unites people more than believing in and working towards something. We bind together in negativity. It is destroying humanity and replacing civility. We embrace it and we celebrate the things that are insignificant to the spirit. Real unity doesn’t come from there. Happiness is fleeting when we base it on things like who is leading our government, our states. Who is leading the condition of the heart and spirit? When have we placed political leaders in the role of Gods and focused on the color of our state instead of the condition of our soul and mind? Have we once considered what kind of world we are creating for our children? We’ve become obsessed with making a stand for the latest trend but who is making a stand for what matters most? Winning doesn’t happen in the polls or in Washington D.C. Winning is when families and friends spend precious time breaking bread together and loving one another…wait for it….without conditions. When we choose political affiliation over people in our lives, something is very wrong. So many are lost today and I hope they examine their priorities and set them straight. Our purpose is to love and to make the most of our time here. It’s to leave the world better, not more bitter. Turn off the news. Put down your phone and remove the debilitating distractions. Be more focused and concerned with the people you are raising and the ones who raised you. Set your attention on the people who really matter. Unite there and then extend that love and unity into the world. At the very least, take an honest look at where you are investing time, emotion, focus and energy. Being honest might actually hurt but its the only way to start to heal.


Is Your Head In The Game?


Get your head in the game. One game. One court. Focus. Choose one. For me, that seems like an impossible thing to do. I cheer myself on, tell myself I can do it.  

Today, I physically rode in the car to get a prom dress for my daughter. I knew how important this day was for her. I wanted to be part of it. I wanted it to be special. My heart was right there with the best of intention but my mind was someplace else. I got the message this morning that my hospice patient took a turn for the worst. I stopped in to see her on my way to shop and my mind was stuck there in that nursing home room. I was there still sitting on her bed and kissing her on the head. I was torn between two places and I needed to be in one completely. How do I do that though? How can I get my head in just one game and play it completely? I am always torn and often scattered making it so very hard to ever be fully mindful and present. I guess for today, I will find a way to look less distracted and do my best to put a smile on my face. Now, to find the perfect dress.

Can Distractions Become Habits?


As I tried to write a complete blog post, start to finish, something became apparently clear. The dog was banging at the door so I would let him outside. Messages were popping up at the top of my phone and I struggled over whether to write another sentence or answer the message. I couldn’t finish one single thing. Not a complete thought, not a single decision. My mind was all over the place much like my racing heart. I had to stop for a minute and ask, are all these distractions the reason I have felt so anxious lately. Could the answer be as simple as putting down my phone and only checking it certain times a day? I can’t even imagine how much time I waste surfing through nothing new and checking a screen when there’s nothing important there. On the other hand, that distraction is what makes the other distractions a little more bearable. Are we stuck in a viscous mental trap we may never be able to escape? 

Habits are so hard to change, even the good ones. We get so used to going through motions that they become almost robotic. We just move with no intention or thought behind what we are doing as our mind lies dormant and unstimulated. We become comfortable or maybe even unknowingly numb and when something is really, awesomely good, we don’t have the capacity to feel it anymore. 

Wake up, smell the coffee, enjoy every sip and linger in every moment. Show up for your life. Don’t miss the only chance you get.

Losing My Grip


I can feel the jealousy as I stare her way,
She lays her heart in the palm of his hands
He holds her so gently and touches her face
His mind is on her now, my memory erased

She is the one he holds in his arms
His attentions with her, our connection is harmed
He stares into space, his thoughts are on her
As I sit and remember the way that we were

She robbed his attention, she just wouldn’t go
There’s no room for me now, just look at her glow
And as much as I begged him, he just couldn’t stay
Because work just kept pulling him further away

His hands on the keyboard, never leaving her face
As his fingers caressed her, I felt so misplaced
Goodnight I called as I got into bed
As I slept with the tears that I let my heart shed.

This was my attempt at the finger prompt challenge. I didn’t follow the rules, I just used the prompt. Technology and the pressure to always do more at work is ruining relationships. Cell phones, texting, and Internet are replacing honest to goodness, heart to heart, one on one, quality time between people in love. The feeling of being in love and focusing on each other has been replaced by countless hours of surfing the net, silly apps and endless attention to things that could never be more important than the person in the room longing for our love and attention. Time that couples used to spend together has been replaced with sitting side by side in a cloud of distraction, not paying any attention to each other. And we wonder why so many relationships fail. Most of us are guilty and it is such a shame.