It’s Okay Mom, It’s Only School 


Oh my God, is school really starting next week? What if the new teachers are terrible? What if the class load is just too much? What if my kid doesn’t make the team?

This is what millions of mothers are probably thinking these days. We love to worry, it’s in our nature. Why is it, there is so much panic as our kids go back to school? I say, what if this is the best year yet? What if the kids teachers are exactly who they need? It’s hard not to get caught up in the rush of worry that spreads like wildfire as the days of summer vacation wind down and our need to worry about what might happen winds up. Leave it alone. Don’t dwell on the what ifs that cause you to lose hours of sleep. Kids are so much tougher than we give them credit for and if they aren’t losing sleep, why should we? Take a deep breath. It’s just another new year of school. It’s going to be fine, just wait and see.