Don’t Kill Someone Else’s Vibe


The sky’s the limit as long as you can drown out the voices who try to stifle your potential. As long as I can remember, my daughter has loved to sing. Some days she just wouldn’t stop and at times it was a bit excruciating. This Christmas my nephew gave her the microphone that paired with her cell phone and I watched her come alive. She was a true performer and the happiness beamed from her face as she belted out Let It Go. There has never been any stopping her with anything she decides to do which can be a real challenge if your sole job is to parent her. Defying all odds, she had the nerve to try out for Greek Sing and was ecstatic to call and tell me she was accepted to the group. That girl proves me wrong everyday in the best way. Don’t ever limit anyone. It’s not our job to kill someone else’s dream. Note to self…encourage and support. You never know what you are capable of until you try so how in the world can you know what someone else is capable of unless you encourage them to try.