A time of Calm


Today there was a pause in my storm and I was surrounded with calm. There are many seasons in our lives. One thing I know for certain is eventually, one season comes to an end and another begins. It’s the in between that defines who we are. It’s our attitude and faith that determines who we will be when the rain finally stops. We can step outside on that first sunny day and worry about when the next cloud will form or we can bask in the sun and be grateful for the beautiful day. There is great comfort in knowing there is ebb and flow. What goes down will eventually rise back up and we must find the patience and strength to get from one destination to the other. If you’re having a rough time, hang in there. Everything will turn around in time. Don’t lose faith. Just be patient. 

Go With The Flow


I’m sitting here watching the waves gracefully roll on the shore and effortlessly return back to where they started. Ebb and flow, the natural way things are meant to be. We cannot force the water to stay one place or the other, it is constantly changing and constantly flowing, but it doesn’t stop us from trying to be in control. I watch as young boys run into the water. There bodies collide with the wave and the force of the collision knocks them down. That’s what happens when we go against the current, when we decide to fight what is and inflict our own will. We can spend our whole lives fighting to swim upstream. Eventually , when we become tired enough, we lose the fight and collapse in exhaustion. Eventually, our need to control and manipulate becomes lost somewhere in the years we will never get back. We bitch and complain about things instead of embracing the inevitable and unavoidable change that no place or person will ever be strong enough to stop. 

Be like water. Flow. Enjoy your life. Embrace the change. Surrender to each moment and allow it all to just pass through. Go where the wind blows and eventually you will end up exactly where you want to be.