Have You Heard?


Every once in awhile, I come across a story or a person that challenges and inspires me to be better. I am proud to say I found one of these angels today. Have any of you heard of the Napkin Notes Dad? I was browsing Facebook when I read about his story. It is about a man named Garth who has written inspirational quotes and personal notes on napkins that he puts in his daughters lunch each and every day. In fact, he has written enough notes to last this young girl until her very last day of high school. He has battled cancer several times over the past few years and is currently battling prostate cancer. He knows all to well, that we never know when our time here on Earth is up and wants to make sure his daughter learns all the important lessons he feels responsible to teach. The most important lesson though is this, she is loved. Can you imagine how loved and cherished you would feel if someone took the time to write a special note just for you for the next several years of your life? It’s amazing to think how often we hear about children that feel unloved, especially when, in just a few seconds, you could give that child a simple reminder like this one, to make them feel special every single day. What a beautiful example of kindness and selflessness and an inspirational example to all of us everywhere. Am I going to run out and by a life supply of little napkins? Probably not. But maybe, just maybe once in awhile when everyone sits down for dinner, there will be a little note waiting there just for them. Inspire and encourage. If I had to define this man in two words, that’s what they would be. I am proud to say I will follow his example and I hope that maybe you will too.