Wake Up Call


Sad but unfortunately very true…

“If you don’t agree with us we will gang up and ruin you” seems to be trending right now.

This should be a wake up call. Are you part of this or against it? There are some bandwagons we shouldn’t jump on. This one is vindictive, destructive and divisive. It sickens me to think this is so popular right now and that people are volunteering to be the force behind such a dangerous movement. Remember this, you get back what you give. Be very careful and selective when it comes to the energy you’re giving out. Give what you want to receive. It’s that simple.

What Are You Bringing Into Your Life?




These are a few repetitive words that I am seeing and hearing this past year. I have always believed that everything we think and feel is energy. We send this messages out into the Universe and it creates the world we live in. What we forget is those same intentions come back and affect us directly as well. What is it you are trying to create more of? Do your thoughts and feelings align with what you want or what you do not want? Remember, you get more of what you focus on.

There are two different sides to my town. We purposely moved to the east side. I grew up a country girl and this side made me feel right at home. They are looking to put a new neighborhood in and several of my neighbors are signing a petition to stop it. I just don’t get it. There is so much space here and there isn’t a single part of me that feels I need to hoard it. Is one neighborhood going to make that much of a difference? I see it differently, sure there will be a bit more traffic but I love it over here and feel excited to share this space with a new group of people. I think we forget that land really isn’t ours to claim. We just have this intense need to control everyone and everything around us.

I have really dedicated my time to enhancing the positive. Once I changed my thoughts, I really did change my life. I am happy now and I don’t have to search for a place of peace. It is my inner calm, my new norm and instead of feeling angry, I feel excited and hopeful for what the future will bring. I have intentionally started to use words with a more positive message and I have watched how that has affected the way I think and feel. There are some things we can control and maybe we need to focus more on our own lives and spend less time meddling in others. Just a few of my thoughts this Saturday morning. Ask yourself one simple question…you only have so much time, is this really what you want to use it on?

I’m Not Playing Today


In a time we desperately need to come together, I realize the difference each and everyone of us can play. It only takes one aggressive, angry person to ruin the day for the entire bunch. Even if you have the best intentions, negative tone sets the mood. It causes anxiety and a sense of dread and uneasiness for everyone around. I believe the opposite is true as well. A good attitude, kindness and positivity are contagious and can spread just as easily if we allow it to. Not only do we have to be very careful about who we spend time with, we also have to walk away from someone who is simply in a bad mood. Don’t become it, rise above it. I’ve always said, if you don’t like the rules of the game, just  don’t play. 

What Will YOU Choose?


We went out for dinner last night and my husband asked if I had chosen my word. Every year on New Years Eve, I set an intention for the upcoming year. It’s not something I take lightly. I truly believe that when you send energy out into the universe, it comes back. So what could I possibly choose? Out of all the words that currently exist, which is the right one for me? I still haven’t found one that resonates completely so I will meditate on it later today. Think about it. If you could pick one word that would define your entire 2016, what would you want it to be? Give it a try!

We Are All Energy


My friend Danny over at Dream Big, Dream Often reminded me of something very important today. Sometimes we think our presence is much less significant than it actually is. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Make sure you check out his post from earlier today, http://dreambigdreamoften.co/2015/09/08/im-not-trying-to-change-your-life/

I have a 16 year old daughter who can be pretty moody sometimes. There are days she enters the room and brings her bad attitude with her. It is like a rotten grape that spoils the whole bunch. You can almost see everyone shrink in their chair trying to hide from the negativity that is as big as an elephant taking over a very small room. Other days, she is like a ray of sunshine and you can feel the energy in the room become much lighter. When she is her playful, silly self, happiness spreads through everyone like wildfire.

 One person does make a difference and it’s important to understand how significant that difference can really be.

We have to start to focus on the energy we carry around with us. In fact we should think of everyone we meet as a field of energy. Our attitude, our tone, whether we speak positively or negatively contributes to the energy as a whole. Sometimes we are so focused on someone else’s energy that we forget to be accountable for our own.

We cannot change anyone else. We cannot choose their words or actions but we CAN choose our own! Remember to check in with your own energy and ask yourself the honest question, what kind of energy do I bring to this space, be it home, work or anywhere else you might be. Your energy is one of many contributors to the overall energy of the world. Will you choose to add something negative or something positive? The choice is yours. What kind of imprint will you leave on the people around you? How will YOU change the world?

Where Are You?


Drained, like an empty bladder. Every ounce of my body feels tired, worn out. Sometimes when I spill my heart and soul into posts, this is what happens. When I dig down deep and pull up those things that have haunted me for so long, there is a beautiful release. My body and mind go limp and finally my mind gets quiet. It’s so rare that I get these moments of silence. It’s like a silent healing energy wrapping it’s loving arms around me until I fall into its peace. That is where you’ll find me today. 

Amazing Strength


The way I see it, there are two major differences when it comes to people. The truth is. each and everyone of us has a backpack of problems. Some of us carry that backpack quietly on our own back and the rest of us expect someone else to carry the load. Some dump it out all at once and others disperse it among everyone around.

I have been following a story on Facebook for quite some time now. It is about the life, the tremendous amount of strength of a special person who is fighting a battle against pancreatic cancer. She is the sister of someone I went to school with many years ago. This girl was born with boxing gloves. She has setback after setback and still she fights. When doctors encourage her to give up the battle, she says no way. It doesn’t matter if she loses her hair, her physical strength, the hope from others, this girl gives it all she’s got. She wants to live for herself, her husband, her children and the thousands of people praying for her every day. She doesn’t talk about the pain. She brushes it off. She doesn’t complain that the number of days in a hospital, far outweigh the ones she spends at home. She talks of the things she is grateful for. She doesn’t focus on the parts of her body that are slowly shutting down, she talks about how grateful she is for the things that are coming together. Her friends and total strangers are contributing to a fund to help them pay the bills. People are coming from all over to support their family because they are so drawn to her optimism, fight and courage. She worries that the people worried about her, worry too much. I know how awful she must feel every single day. Not one day arrives that she wakes up and feels good. Not one, ever. She is and should be an example to all of us. Almost everyday, every week something else goes wrong. Many of us would be so discouraged, so defeated, but this girl straps on her backpack and she carries it forward one step at a time by herself with the support of others cheering her on. And so she finds the strength to keep on going and going when most of us would make the decision to quit.

I think about her everyday I start the process of complaining. This hurts, that hurts, I have a headache. I have shin splints. Oh well. Life could be worse. Will I talk about that with everyone I encounter in a day or will I talk about my blessings and how lucky I am that I am here to talk at all today? What will YOU talk about? It matters. Every word, every ounce of energy you send off affects how someone else you encounter will feel. Remember that. It is so important.

Some people carry a snack size bag of crap. Other people carry a whole garbage bag full. The garbage bag people act like they have a tiny bag and the snack size ones talk themselves and others into thinking they have the garbage bag. That is the difference. Which kind of person are you? Put it in your backpack and keep moving. Be grateful for the good days and stop giving so much energy and thought to the stuff that is not good. Thoughts become things. What things will your thoughts bring?

What Will You Spread Around Today?


As I open my eyes today, I realize that the decisions I make have a tremendous impact on the world and the people around me. Many times I hear people refer to feeling hopeless when it comes to making a noticeable difference  in the short span of life we have. I say they’re wrong. What exactly does it take to leave your mark? Maybe it’s much simpler than you ever dreamed.


Will you

Lift people up or put them down?

Will you spread positivity or fill the world with negativity?

Will you bring more love or be a voice of hate?

Will you change someone’s life with a simple act of kindness or ruin someone’s day?

What you do, every word and action, have a direct influence on someone else and the attitude they walk around with. One of my favorite quotes is,

Please be responsible for the energy you bring to this space.

I do believe it’s the little things that make the greatest difference. Your attitude is contagious; so is kindness, gratitude, energy, attitude, positivity, happiness. The opposite is true as well. The question you have to ask yourself is, what kind of energy AM I carrying around? What will I attract? Will my attitude attract others with a bad attitude of will people notice I am happy so other happy people will flock to me as well? Take a good hard look at who is around you and the circumstances surrounding you. Like attracts like so the truth is there if you are willing to look. I know people who complain about everything. Guess what life hands them? More things to complain about. I know people who have amazing things happen to them. Guess what life gives them more of? It’s hard to accept how responsible we are for what happens to us and the type of life that we have. That is why it’s time to be more conscious of our words and actions and especially thoughts and feelings and choose them wisely. What are you attracting today? What do you want to attract?



I am on my way to Mexico for a little rejuvenation and a lot of fun.  I remember the first time I heard the flight attendant say, “put on your own oxygen mask first and then help others”. I thought to myself, “what is she crazy?” Normally I would be traveling with both of my kids and my first instinct would be to protect them and then worry about myself. The older I get, I realize how important that tiny instruction really is. 

Have you ever felt drained because you are constantly catering to everyone around you? You give and you give until one day, you’ve got nothing left. Your tank is empty from everyone slowly sucking the life out of you and it doesn’t take long until you start to resent them. You get frustrated over the endless amount of give, give, give while all they do is they take, take, take. The worst part is you took the pin and stuck it in your own balloon and now you wonder why you feel so deflated? You have to know when to say no to everyone else and yes to yourself. What we forget is that people can’t take advantage of us unless we allow them too. You decide what to give. The point is, there has to be balance. You have to fill your own tank so it never empties out. It’s only when your tank is full that you can really love and provide for others. So put on your own oxygen mask first, so you can be there the way everyone needs you to be.

The Hate Generation


This is a message to haters and all haters of haters. Hate seems to be creeping into the lives and hearts of many. We hate people who are a different color, a different religion. Heck, now we even hate people who are intolerant to our own standards. Hate is a pretty strong word and the feeling behind it reminds me of a tornado, picking up everyone in its path and eventually leaving nothing but devastation and wreckage. We feel justified in speaking out for what we believe, but in doing so we stir the pot. It gets bigger and bigger until it is spilling over and the hate, judgement, insults, bad behavior and negative energy is poisoning everyone in its path. NEWSFLASH, I don’t care what you believe. I don’t care about your passion for a cause. There is no justification in spreading or encouraging hate. There is no justification for being mean, cruel or disrespectful to someone else because they think differently than you do. Who do you even think you are that you believe your beliefs are more valid than someone else’s. You do not have the right to shove your thoughts and beliefs on anyone else. The outcome is not what you expect. You are not getting people to jump on your cause train. You are pissing people off…stirring the pot violently until there is push back. Is that what you want? I will say this again. I don’t care who you are or what you believe. Everyone has value and deserves respect. This fighting, this knocking, this disgusting infestation of hate disguised as our latest cause is killing people literally. I hear people speak about what is best for the greater good. There is not one belief I can think of that everyone would agree on. I have an idea though. You can bet your bottom dollar that more mutual respect, kindness, and peace would be three things most wouldn’t argue would change this place we live in for the better. Will your beliefs do that? Will “fighting” for what you want serve the world? Fighting leads to violence, anger, hatred. Of wow, maybe that’s why we seem to be stuck there now. Be accountable for the energy you bring to your space. Whether it is a room, a Facebook page, a tweet or a simple conversation. What is it you are actually spreading? How are you really changing the world? Rant over.