Flying The “Friendly” Skies


Have you ever felt on top of the world one minute and boxed in and smothering the next? It happens. We all have mood swings but how do we get ourselves through those lower points to rise back up to a more positive frequency?

I didn’t sleep well last night. I got up at 3:15 to fly back home to family over Christmas break. I was excited sure but I could feel the stress creeping up my throat choking me until I felt I couldn’t breathe. It just wasn’t going to be a good day but somehow I knew I had to get through it. The kids were tired and grumpy and kept arguing over who would pull the third carry on. Granted, if I had known I had to pay for the bags I would not have brought nearly as many. But, I am used to flying Southwest where bags are free but ironically the airline “American” has the motto: screw the people. Coincidence? Maybe, but who really knows. As the kids mouths snarled back and forth at each other, a little jingle from that silly Lego movie popped in my head. Everything is awesome. I kept singing it over and over again silently in my mind until I couldn’t help but fight away the beginning of a smile. As I swiped my credit card for my 3 bags, I heard it again. Everything is awesome! If there was a world record for how many times a passenger could stand up and slam her head into the bottom of the storage bin, hands down, the winner would be me. Everything is awesome! Every time the girl sitting in the seat coughed in my direction I heard it again! Everything is awesome. Every time someone blew their nose or a baby cried out, over and over, all I could hear was Everything Is Awesome!

Seriously, my mind is somehow amusingly demented and here I am halfway through my last fight still smiling as I type the words Everything Is Awesome! Sooner or later the words and the mood will intertwine lovingly and perfectly together. Until then, silently I sing. Everything Is Awesome!