A Single Donut


There is a new teacher that has been having a difficult time controlling her class. She was a special education teacher in elementary school and is now teaching 8th grade Spanish. She has sent numerous emails and phone calls to parents begging for their help when it comes to their kids behavior. Luckily for me, my child is one who always gets a good report and for that I am truly grateful. Yesterday she sent an email telling the parents how well the kids behaved and how much they were able to accomplish in class. She mentioned it was her best day of teaching all year and little did the kids know it was also her birthday. When I read the email to my son and thanked him for always being respectful, he mentioned he would like to bring donuts in to celebrate her birthday. So today, I delivered donuts and she was very appreciative. Do something nice for someone just because. Life can be so hard and filled with endless struggles but even a simple little sugar filled donut can make all the difference in somebody’s day.

Kindness At Work


So, today was the first day of school. I admit I might have had a tear or two in my eye or maybe it was just the wind. Every year goes by faster and faster. I remember Chases first day in a new school. He was so tiny, probably one of the shortest boys in the whole grade. We had just moved here and he didn’t know a single soul. He was so brave. Me? Not so much. 

Today, I looked out the window and was so proud. Usually I drive him to school but he wanted to ride the bus to help out the new kid that just moved down the street. He is even smaller than Chase at that age and when we saw him on back to school night, the poor boy was so scared, his eyes welled up with tears. “Don’t worry mom, I’ll have his back.”  Sometimes I think trying to teach my kids to be selfless and kind is a lost cause. But today, he was full of kindness. And my daughter? She volunteered to help the new students find their classrooms and be a mentor. She wore her shirt proudly today with the words, you’ve got a friend in me” in bold print on her back. And, she takes those words seriously. 

Maybe eventually they do learn from us. Maybe example really is enough. Maybe there really is hope they will grow into kind, responsible, young adults. Maybe, just maybe.

How Did I Get It So Wrong?


If you like my warm, fuzzy inspirational posts, do yourself a favor and stop reading here. For those of you brave enough to read on, I would like to share with you how I would raise my kids differently if I could do it all over. At least what I would teach them anyway. 

I grew up in a little bubble where life was perfect and everyone was wonderful. Seriously, looking back, I know now that I was so naive. I respected and trusted every adult. I expected the best from everyone. I had a great run of my childhood years. It wasn’t until I became a parent myself that I learned some of the most painful and surprising lessons of all. If I could write my younger self a letter I would tell her, a long with my two children this.

Life is unfair. Every single day you will witness something that just doesn’t seem right. People will not speak out. Don’t expect them too. They are weak and scared and care more about how they appear to everyone else than to ever stand against something that is wrong. Never take anyone at their word because it is actions that speak and never the words. Expect the absolute worst from everyone so you are never disappointed when that is what they hand you. No one and I repeat no one will ever have your back. You may think they will, but when it comes down to your back or theirs, they will choose their own every single time. Trust no one. Expect people will let you down and if they don’t, be grateful. Be your own best friend, your own best advocate and always be your own self. The crowd is overrated. Don’t get lost somewhere in the middle of it. You will suffocate, never find your way out. Know too that there is good in this world. There are good acts and good people and a handful of honest ones. You won’t know which is which until it’s far too late. Trust your instincts and rely on the only person who will never let you down, YOU.

I had a rough day. The amount of people who do harm gets to me sometimes, especially when it comes to my kids. When I place them in the hands of someone who could make or break their self esteem and more importantly, their spirit,they seem to destroy them every single time. 

Everything you do affects everyone else. Every word. Every action. Your good mood or bad mood. We are all connected. We have to stop being so damn selfish and heartless. Be better than the crowd. The world needs you to. I need you to.

Do YOU Mean What You Say?


When you say something, do you mean it? Do people take you seriously? I guess what I’m asking is, do you back your words up with action?

I realized I excel very well in this category with one exception. I do not follow through when it comes to my kids. Crazy when I think about it. If I want anyone in the world to learn from my example, it would be my two kids. I’ve been sending them mixed messages and it must be pretty confusing.

Today, I decided to start over. I told them both they were not leaving this house under any circumstance, until they cleaned their rooms. My son started the nonsense of a bad attitude and I reminded him he brought this on himself. I didn’t back down and I didn’t engage in defending my position. I am happy to report that the entire upstairs is sparkling clean and all three of us survived.

Let this be a reminder to do everything all the way. If there is one important lesson to teach year kids, it is being disciplined enough to make your words mean something. How else will you ever get anyone to believe and respect you if your words are just that, words.