Friday’s Challenge


Today I challenge you to prove that your words mean something. If you say you are going to do something, follow through and back it up with action. Only when your words and actions are consistent will you ever attain any goal. I hear so many people say they are going to do something only to cancel or give some excuse as to why it never happens. Who wants to be predictable in that way? You are better than that. Hold yourself to a higher standard before you don’t believe a word that comes out of your own mouth. You are better than the excuses you tell and the people in your life deserve better than that too. Prove to yourself and eventually others that your words are filled with more than nonsense. I’m judging you hard on this and I am holding myself accountable as well. If you make a commitment, follow it through even when you don’t feel like it or this will become the latest bad habit that’s holding you back.

What is Your BS Story?


I was blessed enough to attend a yoga workshop with Jen Pastiloff yesterday. She provided the group with many prompts but one really stood out for me. We were directed to make a list of our very best bullshit stories. These are the stories we tell ourselves that keep us disappointed, hopeless and stuck in the one place we don’t want to be, right here. As I started to get really honest with myself,  I couldn’t deny I had been convincing myself of so many things that just weren’t true. The problem is, the more I repeat these lame excuses to myself, the more apt I am to give myself a pass which enables me to not even try to change a single corcumstance in my life. 

Tell me your biggest bullshit story. Share it so the whole world can hold you accountable and so we can find the courage to not let these ridiculous bs stories control our lives anymore.

Here’s one of mine. I’ve been away from nursing too long to ever go back. It’s too late. Come on call me out. 

Running Out of Excuses


Have you ever noticed how many excuses you can come up with to prevent yourself from doing anything you know you should be doing? Today I realized the only one holding me back is myself by choosing not to show up. I have missed endless opportunities to connect with people or better myself because I allowed myself to bow out and simply did not show up. How many times have you not shown up for your own life? How many times have you canceled on a friend or stayed in bed instead of going to that yoga class you so desperately needed? How many times have you told yourself you are too busy or too tired and cheated yourself from living your life? That’s it for me. Enough is enough. No more excuses and time to make some better choices.

Today I was on a different plan, to stick with my plan. Sometimes it’s just easier to stay in bed and pull the covers up over my head. That’s when I realized I was my biggest problem, my only problem. I had to change the dialogue going on in my head and take responsibility for the choices I would or would not make. So will you join me? Will you show up for your life today? Will you make the choices you need to create a better life? I will and I hope you will too.

What I Learned From My Dog


Lessons are everywhere. Here is a great example about behavior brought to you directly from my little dog. I moved the couch so I could get to the window today. When I looked down I noticed that one of the dogs had peed on the back corner of the couch. I grabbed a paper towel and the second I started cleaning it off, the dog lowered his ears and walked out of the room. It was clear the dog was guilty of the crime. Even more disturbing is that the dog knew he had done something wrong. The problem is that we continue to do things that are wrong even when we know we shouldn’t be doing them. The only time we take a moment to care is when someone catches us in the act and for a small second we feel some shame.

The truth is that dog will do it again. Just like dogs, we as people behave the same way. We know right from wrong. We know when we do something we shouldn’t but will it ever be enough to make the behavior stop?

There are even times my dog sees me cleaning up a spot and heads off to put himself in his crate. The bottom line is we have to hold ourself accountable for our actions. Our emotions can and never should be an excuse to condone our behavior, ever. Wrong is always wrong and we cannot keep letting ourselves off the hook. Take responsibility, admit you did wrong and then do not do it again. Expect better from yourself. We have to or we will all be peeing on the corner of everyone’s couch. It sounds silly but it’s true. If you do something in your own house you will not have the self control to not do it someone else’s. That’s when I really noticed this was becoming a problem. Before vacation I took the dogs to be boarded. I was so embarrassed when my dog peed on the couch in the waiting area. What a great lesson and a great reminder that our behavior will turn into a habit if we are not careful. Choose good ones because believe me, someone is always watching. It’s okay to do something wrong. We are all human, but to continue to do that same something over and over should be unacceptable. We are stronger than that. We have to be, and I am hoping we are on a different intellectual level than a dog.

Not Now, Then when?


Sometimes it’s hard to not notice the lack of connecting going on all around us. Visibly, we see people connecting with their laptops and cell phones but it rare to to see people slowing down long enough to really enjoy life at a reasonable pace. Often times I hear the words “I don’t have time for this” or “I don’t have time for that”. Well, I have some advice and a challenge for all of you reading this. My advice is, time is a gift that is given to us each and every moment. We are writers of our own stories and we decide where we put our time. We can hide behind the notion and misconception that we do not have time or we can take responsibility for the decision on how we utilize or waste it. Ask yourself a question. What is important to you? Who is important to you? If you are not putting your time into what is important than now is your time to make a change. If not for you then find the motivation to do it for your who. Don’t put it off any longer, and don’t deceive yourself into thinking you don’t have a choice. You do have a choice. You do get to decide. Oh, and do it now, because eventually our time really does run out.