When Did Ugly Become Fashionable?


I make a real effort to see the good in all things. I do believe that there is plenty out there to celebrate and be grateful for. Occasionally though, after a long weekend, I wake up tired on Monday morning. I mistakenly turn to Facebook to start my day and there it is, blatantly staring back at me. Ugliness is a real detriment to humanity. What concerns me though is that people wear ugliness on their sleeve as if it were fashionable. When did it become popular and fashionable to be ugly? Why are these people who are ugly in their thoughts and words our strongest voices and our growing leaders? We have to stop giving these kinds of people merit and validity and call them what they are, ugly. 

Today, my wish is that your inner beauty shines brighter than any ugliness you encounter. We cannot allow ugliness of spirit be the norm or the popular trend. We need to make a statement and be an example of inner beauty that shines a light on all that is ugly so that ugliness will no longer be applauded, celebrated and popular. Do your part and be the change we so desperately need in these troubling times. Shine your light. Shine it now.


When Being Right is Valued More Than Being Kind


It’s really a test for me when the first thing that shows up in the morning is confrontation and bad energy. I’ve come to that place in life where I have no interest in that anymore. There are very few people worth salvaging my inner peace for and I’ve been removing the ones I can a little more each day. It’s not that I can’t be friends with people who feel different than I do, I am simply not in the game of proving who is better, smarter or has more value. To have to spend comment after comment, tit for tat over complete nonsense is not how I want to spend my time and energy. If we disagree, we disagree. Game over. Move on. So what. Big deal. Friends accept a difference in opinion and they know when their friendship is worth more and they simply move on. Why the constant bickering? Are we more obsessed with being right than we are with being kind? I’m afraid so.

A Clean Sweep


There are times in my life when it is necessary to clean the clutter. Clutter makes my skin crawl and my pulse race. When I am in the middle of a mess, my chest tightens and my breathing is labored. Last night I made a huge decision to clear it out. For me, this world is a mess. The human experiment is a mess. Facebook is a mess. Media is a mess. Clutter comes in many forms. It comes in thoughts, people, objects. Clutter for me is hostility, negativity, confrontation, arrogance, and anything else that makes me break out in that dreaded, unwanted sweat. The truth is, it is my responsibility to say no to the things that make my heart hurt and yes to the ones that feel right with my soul. Today is a beautiful day for me. It looks and feels very different from several days that came before. We have to declutter our minds, our bodies, and our heart so we can hear that tiny voice inside that often gets drown out by all the noise. Everyone has the right to live in peace. Sometimes it’s necessary to create that peaceful space and to build a fence around it to keep it sacred and to keep yourself safe. 

Be a Lighthouse


I woke up this morning.

The end.

Some days I awaken to anxiety. I guess I bring it on myself when the first thing I do is check email and hop onto Facebook. The truth is this argumentative, in your face, haha, I’m making my point, posting is enough to make me never want to step foot out of bed again. This constant, I’m better than you or she’s better than him bickering and defending of total strangers is complete nonsense. There are so many adults acting like little children. One more tantrum, making another point, having the last word…it’s killing us all. Sometimes I think we would be better off if we couldn’t communicate or share so much of ourselves. We are sharing the WRONG parts of ourselves. That is the problem. And what worse? It gives us a sense of superiority. We enjoy fueling a fire that is destroying humanity to the very core. People don’t seem to know when enough is enough and though many cheer that behavior on, my insides scream please stop. No more. I cannot for the life of me figure out what is so wrong with people today. We are so busy being up in everyone else’s business that we forget to take care of our own. Just because we are entitled to our own opinion does not mean we need to shove it down everybody’s throats by insulting those we know already don’t agree because we’ve made the same point over a million times or arguing with someone to invalidate a point when their mind and their main people think exactly the same. Less talk, less opinion, less tension, less bullshit, less baiting tweets and posts and speeches and nonsense. More of what matters. Do we even know what that is anymore or is tearing the country, the world and the people apart exactly what matters most? Actions speak a hell of a lot louder than words but they are being drowned out by the nonsense clutter. Be accountable for who you are. Someone else is not your concern. You work on you. Speak less but say more. Be a lighthouse and not another boat lost out in a sea of muck. Be a role model and example that so many desperately need today. There are far too many of the outspoken, ruffle feathers kind. Time to start a new movement of behavior and it starts with you. Be bigger. Be better. Please, I need you to be.

Some People Are Just Ugly


Why in the world do I even jump in on a political conversation? In fact, I am questioning why I socialize with anyone during this drawn out and extremely damaging election season at all. One thing is certain. Hillary supporters are equally as ugly as Trump supporters. I am watching from afar many people I know turning into internet policemen. As soon as you type a single statement, the fact checkers come out of the darkness to respond FALSE! WRONG! UNTRUE! It’s sickening really because who are these fact checkers anyway? Are we not capable as a human race to decide for ourselves what is true and what is not. The absolute audacity of someone who believes they are so much smarter than everyone else. It’s insulting, condescending and unnecessary. Then you have the attack dogs, ready and willing to jump on anyone walking by wearing the opposing candidates t-shirt .I am seriously fed up. I’d really like to give these people a piece of my mind and ring a giant gong that would bounce them off of social media forever for causing riots and disturbing the peace. Instead, I will vent to my lovely fellow bloggers who offer nothing more than respect and support. I feel so much better already. Thanks for letting me vent. Oh and don’t be ugly! We have enough of that already.

Just Don’t Say It


I think most of us have that tingly sense that alerts us to when we say something we probably should have kept to ourselves. Self control is becoming a thing of the past and the result is the uncomfortableness that is often felt when we are part of conversations either in person or on social media. I was following a thread on Facebook earlier and a third of the comments would have been better left unsaid. I think people forget to ask themselves the important questions before they go and open their sarcastic mouths. Are your words kind? Are they necessary? Will they add value to the conversation? Will they insult or demean another human being? People have to stop posting and blurting things out without considering the effect it will have on the people around them. The energy lately is just not good and it is destroying relationships one comment at a time. Have some respect. Show some restraint and be accountable for the energy you bring to a particular space. Ask yourself one question? Would you like to be served back what you seem to love to dish out? Someday you will get what you give so why not give what you want to get?

Who Are You Voting For?


No seriously, do not answer that question. I really don’t care. I’m not even curious about who you think won the debate or who you think is the more disgraceful human being. I’m interested in the tone you use when you speak to others, your character and your ability to make peace and not start war. It absolutely pains me to see the worst of the worst come out in people at election time. Tonight’s first debate was no exception. What I don’t understand is how easily people make another’s presidential choice an opportunity to insult them personally. Statements like, someone like you who supports bigotry and racism..or better yet, how could you support a person who is basically the scum of the earth? It’s like an insulting way of insinuating that birds of a feather flock together and you are a disgraceful, dirty bird. This elitist I’m better than you or morally far above you attitude has got to stop. I have lost a tremendous amount of respect for so many people to the point that I almost wish I knew much less about them. I’m sick of rude and mean and smug and every insult, fact checker and anything else that goes along with it. The people whose comments I see are no better than the candidates they are too good to support or claim to hate. In fact, some display the exact same behavior that they complain about but they think they are on a level above everyone else and they can’t even see it in themselves. Its pathetic really how easily we jump to a conclusion about someone who believes something different than we do. Wouldn’t it be better off for everyone to ask why do you so strongly support whichever candidate instead of trying to demean and insult them when their choice is not the same as yours? Sometimes it’s best to not share every media post or even your opinion because at the end of the day the world needs less opinions and more kindness. But that’s what makes America great right? Our right to speak out even when it is causing tension and turmoil. The first amendment is a right but not an excuse to abuse or demean another human being. We are better than that right? At least we ought to be. That’s just my opinion but we already have enough of those.