A New Perspective on Cell Phones


I know I complain often about cell phones and how they disturb living in so many ways but today I would like to offer a new perspective.

Last week I mentioned my mom was in the hospital. I was so relieved to know that I could get up to the minute updates from my brothers and sister. Sometimes having a phone in the pocket can come in very handy in those moments you really need to reach someone. My sister in law even snapped a photo of her in her hospital bed so I could I could get a look at her with my own eyes.

Last night my nephew made his first television appearance on ESPN. I was so disappointed I would have to miss it because I would be watching my daughter in her homecoming parade. While I was there, my sister sent me the video of him on TV right to my phone. I was so grateful and proud, I even shed a tiny tear. And the best part of all was hearing the family cheering in the background the second they saw his face on TV.

My niece is my little ray of sunshine. Nothing makes me happier then when she bugs her mother enough to let her FaceTime me. I love looking into her beautiful face. It is such an amazing gift.

I’ve mentioned that I don’t live close to home. I remember the year my birthday fell on Easter. Not only was I sad I wasn’t with extended family that day but I didnt even hear from them. I was sure they must have forgotten me. Then, I checked Facebook and they were all there in a video singing happy birthday to me.

Honestly, the cell phone really does help me feel connected in so many ways and disconnected in so many others. There is a very fine balance between abusing its privileges and talking advantage of all it has to offer. Somedays I love it, some days I resent it but I can’t deny it has much to offer.

What are your feelings about cell phones? Do you love them, hate them or flip flop between the two?