Gratitude in a Chocolate Cake


Today is Friday. Isn’t that reason enough to feel grateful on this glorious day? As I walked into target earlier to buy a cake mix, I thought of all the reasons I am grateful that my husband is the father of my children. He is a man who exudes kindness, gentlesess and compassion. He is a man who listens with the intent of hearing and answers with the intent of challenging one to think beyond his or her usual limits. He loves chocolate cake. So we are kicking the weekend off with a cake baked with love and gratitude in his honor. What are you feeling grateful for today? Let’s share it far and wide. 


A Lifetime of Love


Once a year it’s Fathers Day. It’s a day for me that is always bittersweet. When you live away from family, some days make your heart hurt worse than others. You want to be there for everything. You want the people you love to know how important they are to you and how the miles apart make you appreciate the time you spend together even more. My dad doesn’t always smile, but when he does it warms my heart. Recently he came for a visit and I was lucky enough to catch a moment on camera that always makes me smile. I’ll share it at the end of my post. My dad was a man who worked several jobs to make ends meet. No matter what we wanted to do, whatever the cost, the answer was always yes. Dance lessons, gymnastics camp, prom dresses. He made sure the money was always there. As a young girl, I remember dancing round and round with my toes on top of his feet. He has always carried me even when I could walk and dance on my own. 

When I look at him now, I see the years on his face. I am reminded that time is fleeting and so very precious. I am reminded why I call home and talk to him and my mom every day, sometimes several times a day. After a visit I study his face before I head to the plane. I want to remember his face in detail so it is always fresh in my mind. You just never know which time will be the last one you will ever see a loved one again. It’s important to make memories, to laugh and to love with all your heart. It’s important to thank the people who have always been there no matter what. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. Happy Fathers Day to the first man I ever loved.