Your Own Mind Trumps Everyone Else’s 


My husband was glued to the news while I was trying to go to sleep last night so I had no choice but to listen in. All the hype was over Trump not participating in the debate tonight and how that would “hurt” the American people by not offering them an opportunity to hear another ridiculous question/answer saga. They also tried to make the case that if he became president, he would have to go up against people who didn’t treat him kindly. Regardless of how I feel about Trump, I will say this. I love to see people make a stand. It excites me when someone has the courage to follow their own instinct instead of being manipulated by the people around them. It gives me hope that there are a handful still left that will make a stand even if it means being ridiculed and having to stand alone. Kudos to him for showing he calls his own shots. Don’t we all wish we had the courage to do that? 

Please Don’t Ban The Minions Too!


Ban religion, ban the flag but please don’t ban our McDonalds minion toys. From the  moment I got out of bed today, I have been laughing uncomtrollably. My husband called and told me to check out the latest news and all I could think was, really? Now what? See, with the latest trend being banning, I have taken it upon myself to ban the news. However, I was pleasantly surprised that there was finally breaking news to make me smile, well laugh I guess.

Apparently parents are upset by what sounds like an inappropriate phrase spoken by the innocent minion wearing orange pants. Maybe it’s innocent, maybe planned but hearing the minion say what sounds like “wtf” is pretty darn funny. I put it to the test myself. I had my 13 year old son listen to the phrase over and over and he honestly had no idea what this hysterical yellow (I don’t know what) was saying. In fact he got pretty frustrated that he couldn’t figure it out. When I told him what they were alleging he was saying, he cracked up. So, I say if you’re not looking for those words specifically, you probably wouldn’t notice them but if a young child does pick it up, my question is where did he hear that phrase in the first place? The double edge sword for parents is by bringing it to the attention of the media, DUH! It will certainly get more attention. 

Are they really naughty of just wondering what really is going on with humans today? Anyway, least be honest, aren’t we all a little naughty?

Am I going from McDonalds to find that adorable minion toy for myself? I’ll never tell!

Please leave our minions alone!