Lessons From A Garbage Bag


It’s in the smallest places where we learn our biggest lessons. I asked someone to put a new bag in the garbage can earlier today. Every time Ive had to throw something in the garbage, the bag has fallen a little lower in the can. So what, right? Surely it will bother someone enough to finally fix it. Why should it be me? I’ll just wait it out and eventually someone will take care of it.

Well, someone did….me. The truth is if we see a problem than we should fix it right then and there. Otherwise, like me today, every time you come back in contact with the very thing you chose to ignore, it will become bigger and bigger until it grows grossly more irritating since the first time you encountered it. So, do yourself a favor and be that person that takes care of things upon noticing them. Be that person that doesn’t even ask if someone else should be doing it and just quietly and calmly do it yourself.

Can you imagine how little would get done if we all thought someone else was responsible? Yeah, I thought so.