The Power of Reflection


Sometimes I see some beautiful sunsets from my backyard. Lately though, I have been so focused on the spot the sun actually goes down that I have missed the bigger picture. Yesterday I hopped in the hot tub and just when I thought the moment was a total dud I looked over to the left and I was amazed at what I saw. The clouds had become fluffy layers of soft cotton cotton. If I had to put a flavor to them I would guess they would be bubblegum. As I watched, the color became brighter and reminded me of watermelon until finally they deepened into a beautiful shade of rasberry. I remember as a kid pretending the colored sky was filled with cotton candy. If only I could reach my hand up high enough to grab a piece for myself. I even wonder if that’s where someone thought up the idea of cotton candy in the first place. If the idea was born to perfect a beautiful fluffy mess of flavored clouds by someone innocently staring up at the colorful sky.

Eventually the color drained from the sky and all that was left were some gray clouds. It was in that moment that I realized how we create what we see by how we shine our light on it. Are we so focused on something or someone that we miss the the true picture of the beauty we could see if we allowed our light to reflect upon it? Do we even take the time to notice at all? Or do we only see the dullness of gray and miss the experience of the sunset all together? Imagine how beautiful everything would look in just the right amount of light. We can’t see it if we aren’t looking.

Take Time


The weekend. Don’t we all love these two words that blend together so beautifully? The week is busy filled with endless to do lists that always seem to spill over into our beloved weekend. And the worst part? Sometimes, we let our emotions spill over too. Not this girl. Not this weekend. It is supposed to be a beautiful day and I am purposely planning some time to go outside and enjoy it. So, embrace the fact that despite our very best effort, we just aren’t going to live forever. Go outside, do something fun and leave those dirty windows for a later date. You can still see out of them right? And if you answered no then just clean one. Enjoy the day!

Go With The Flow


Every time I walk into a yoga class I learn something new. Today was no exception. Some things are clearly obvious but I believe we discover things when the time is right. Today we were stretching. I am not very flexible. I often dread it and struggle through it until it is time to lie back at the end of class and take that last few minutes to just relax. But today, when I reached that point that got uncomfortable, I breathed into the tightness, and somehow my muscles magically relaxed. The more I breathed and focused on the area, the more natural it became for me to go further and further.

The lesson is simple, fight the world and the world will fight you back. Resist and you will face more resistance. But choose to relax and breath and be in the moment, instead of struggling against it, and you will find greater flexibility and a deeper sense of peace. It seems simple I know, but I have spent several useless hours fighting my experiences and how has that worked out? I bet you can guess.

My new plan is to go out and embrace life, all of it, just as it is and accept each new day, experience and circumstance as it arrives. What you resist will persist. We’ve all heard that right? Go with the flow and events fall naturally into place. So throw away those boxing gloves and trade them in for a comfortable pair of yoga pants. I promise you won’t regret it.

Stop fighting and start living.

Describe Yourself In One Quote


I love quotes. I have a fascination with them. I search them out, I apply them to life and use them to inspire myself each and every day. Of course I have my favorites, the ones that go so deep I feel like they stick to my soul. But if I had to pick one that describes my life up to this day, it would have to be this one. Here it is:


Have you ever thought about whether there is a perfect quote that seems to fit you? I would love to hear what it is. If you haven’t thought about it, give it a try. You might just learn a little bit more about who you really are.