Trust The Path


The older I get, the more I realize that life isn’t just a serious of coincidences. There has been a plan all along. Even when I couldn’t see it, there was a path lit before my feet guiding the way in which I should go. A long the way were lessons, people, relationships, joy and pain. Not a single person or situation was wasted. There was a purpose in every detail that not only prepared me for the upcoming season in my life but also kept me on a timely course.

I look back in awe as I replay how it all went down. There were so many blessings I missed because I had emotional ties to things, time and people. When it looked like my life was in total chaos, the only thing in chaos was my mind. We have to trust that there is a reason for every season. A time to grow, and a time to go. A time to laugh and a time to mourn. It will all make sense in the end so we have to surrender our need to control every outcome and trust that there is a gentle hand guiding us on the path we are on. The destination is bigger than we could ever imagine. Life is more that a single frame or a snapshot a long the way. When all the pictures are before us, the vision will be clear. Keep going and trust that the path you are on is the place you are meant to be. Look for the blessings a long the way. They are there, waiting to be revealed.

You Are Not Less Than


Sometime I look at people and I see their shame. They wear it like a coat that blinds them to the truth of the very things that make them unique and amazing. I see the cloak of guilt that follows them around relentlessly whispering you are less than, you will never be enough. We learn to hide behind the lies that we come into agreement with. We start to believe that we do not even deserve a seat at somebody’s table.

Sometimes I look into the hearts and eyes of people that I love and I can feel their heaviness. Sometimes I wish people could see themselves through my eyes instead of their own. Sometimes I wish there were more hands available willing to lift people up than there are pointing fingers knocking people down. There’s a heaviness on people that we put on one another. It’s not supposed to be this way. We are not meant to live in pain. We are supposed to lay it down. We are not meant to judge and criticize and force our way on somebody else. We are meant to support, encourage and lift up. I pray that eyes are opened. I pray that the truth comes to light. Why can’t people see the angst they cause? Why can’t they see they are the problem when they think they are being the solution?

You are NOT less than. You are more beautiful than you could ever imagine, far more beautiful than a single, flawed human eye could ever see. You are more than. More than who people say you are. More than your choices. More than your regrets. More than your mistakes. You are so much more than you think. I pray someday you discover your worth and no one ever holds the power to define you again. You were made in the perfect image of God and He doesn’t make mistakes. Step into who you are and hold your head up high. You are beautiful and you are loved and there IS a place for you at the table. Just sit down and claim it.

Speak Life


It has been 7 months since one of the hardest seasons of my life. Looking back, I know it was no accident that God strategically placed me in the middle of a beautiful group of ladies who would mentor me in ways that would forever change my life. I didn’t realize that the words I allowed out of my mouth would literally bring death or life to every situation and relationship I would ever walk through. I was unaware of the poisonous negativity that was oozing from my own lips. When I sat in a class that taught me about using my words to breathe life into everyone and everything, my life dramatically changed. At first they were just empty words but eventually those words led to new thoughts and an amazing new confidence regardless of what situation life threw my way. I knew as soon as heard this amazing concept that this was exactly the key that was missing in having a life free of fear and worry. My dream is to pay this information forward and to coach people into recognizing how their words affect every outcome. Awareness is the first step and I am so excited to pass on what I have learned. My heart is so full as I think of the dramatic changes I feel in my heart and mind. I never could have imagined that I could sit here feeling so much joy, gratitude and excitement about my future. But God right? He is so good!

It’s Only a Mountain


Sometimes I forget there are people out there who need me. Sometimes I get so closed in by the prison of my own thoughts that I cannot see beyond the tiny hopeless box I’m hiding in. I am here to remind you that there will be hard times and rough days. There will be hours that seem like years. There will be mountains you don’t want to climb but trust me you want to get to the other side. If nothing else, climb to the top and sit down on whatever situation has you feeling down. That mountain is not on top of you, you are on top of it and the view looks so much different when you commit to the climb. Be courageous. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot move beyond what seems like Mt. Everest standing before you. Alone it may seem to hard to face but you are never alone and everything, EVERYTHING is possible with God. Keep moving! Look to where where you’re going and don’t even take a peek back. You don’t live there anymore.

The Path Untraveled


Life sometimes takes an unexpected turn and you find yourself on a path you never thought you’d have the courage to take. What has been your normal for so long will become a distant memory but there’s no need to shed more than one tear as you take a final glance in your rear view mirror. Keep your eyes ahead and keep moving forward. There are better things in front of you than what you’re leaving behind. Go in faith. God will always make a way.

When You Didn’t See It Coming


Sometimes in our lives, the unexpected happens. We wake up thinking that today will be like every other day. Then we are shaken to our core. We are attacked from behind in a way we never saw coming when we first opened our eyes that unsuspecting morning. Where do we go when there is no place to run? Who do we go to when there is no one around? When the ground feels shaky underneath our feet, where can we stand to feel safe again?

We all run into stormy seasons when the rain comes and there is no sun in sight. I am here to remind you that when you feel like you will never make it through you’re toughest day, you will. You are an overcomer. When you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. You have been prepared to face that time when your faith is all you have and it will get you to the other side of whatever your obstacle is. Be still and wait for it to pass. Stand tall and let the violent winds just pass on through. You can do this. You are never alone.

May Your Roots Go Down Deep


For years I have listened and watched as certain voices grew louder and bigger. I sat back quietly as the crowds who disrespected the very things I believed in became like loud, childlike bullies. I thought keeping the peace was best for everyone but now I find myself in crisis because of my silence. I know now that I never have to defend myself because of what or who I believe in. I don’t owe anyone an explanation about what or why I believe something. Yes we have the right to disagree but we do not have the right to disrespect and demean. And if someone does, I do not have to receive it. We have come to a crossroad in time where we must be so grounded that our roots go so deep until we are unshakeable. It’s taken me years to live comfortable in my own skin where I feel safe to use my God given voice to speak His word. I am not I shamed. I am faithful and I will not apologize to people who do not feel the same. One of my favorite quotes is this,

Be You. The world will adjust.

Carry that thought out into your day.