We Are Getting So Good At Pointing Fingers


I fight every single day to look for a reason to believe in people. I search for even an ounce of kindness, support, encouragement, and compassion. I just can’t believe the direction we have taken lately. I have seen so many opinionated comments going back and forth on Facebook over this horrific zoo story. As a mother myself, who I admit has lost my children from time to time, I sympathize with this mother. I am nowhere close to being a perfect parent or a perfect person. I am a human being wrapped in flaws and continuing to make ongoing mistakes. I am hard enough on myself so how dare anyone else point a finger at me when I already have one pointed at myself. My point is, a gorilla died. It is tragic and unfortunate but I can only imagine how terrified and devastated this mother was as this scene unfolded. If it wasn’t horrific enough, now we join together as one voice to sign a petition in hopes of bringing criminal charges or some type of investigation against the parent who never imagined her day at the zoo would turn out like this. Were those 15 minutes of hell not punishment enough? Who do we think we are that we have to criticize, blame and punish…yes punish someone from making a mistake. We will make her pay. Seriously? Will that bring the gorilla back? Will it undo the unfortunate fall that little child had to endure. Maybe we should beat the child. Yes, I actually saw comments that if the child had the fear of God or knew he’d get a beaten then he never would have wandered off in the first place. Are you kidding me? Can these people making these comments actually have kids? God only knows I have taken my eyes off of my children before. Damn I’m not proud but seriously, don’t we all have moments when we screw up or make an honest mistake? I want to hug this poor mother because I’ve felt the fear of losing a child. I shudder as I remember even though it is years in the past. Guess what? I even had people blame me for my daughter having a 30 minute seizure. I’ve been that parent who didn’t realize my child had a high fever. It still hurts to remember. I drove 3 hours to a hospital not knowing if my child was dead or alive because they took her by helicopter to another hospital. That was the longest, scariest ride of my entire life and I’ve never been the same. Being a parent is an endless, exhausting job and we do the best we can can Guess what? Shit happens and beating ourselves up or getting beat up by someone else about it does not change a single thing. These people who judge, are they better? Are they perfection disguised in a human body? I just cannot believe that we have a more critical crowd than a compassionate one. Can’t we for one small, single second put ourselves in someone’s shoes and maybe feel a little tug on our hearts instead of our mouths and egos. Why do we have to blame anyone at all? Isn’t the situation devastating enough?