THIS is the Day


This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Have you ever met someone who cannot find good in anything? It pains my heart to hear incessant complaining. Their words may change but the tone is always the same…nothing is good, everything is awful. What’s even more devastating is when a person cannot love and fully enjoy another human being because all they can see is what is wrong with him while at the same time missing all that is right.

This post is a reminder to pay attention to the tone of your thoughts and words. What you think and say will directly affect how you feel and there a good chance if you are feeling really miserable, your words and thoughts are miserable too. I know it’s hard to change. I have found myself in this trap as well but I can tell you that there is one thing that will pull you out of that dark hole every single time. Purposely make a mental list of things to be grateful for everyday. Just go through the motions at first and fake it if you must. With time, what you write down will feel more genuine and you will retrain your heart and mind to live in a place of gratitude. It will change your life and I want that for each one of you. Let’s start right now. What are you grateful for today? I am grateful I get to wake up next to a man who loves and supports me with his whole heart and that I feel his love for me every single day. Your turn now. Go! Tell me what you’re grateful for.

What’s in Your Bag?


What you take with you when you turn to go is so important. Put down what you don’t need to carry. Any pain, regret, hurt can stay behind. Don’t drag it into the new year. Put your chin up, take one look back and close the door. Today I feel blessed to leave 2018 with a grateful heart. I am excited anticipating what waits for me as I step into another year. My intention for anyone reading this is that you find yourself this year. I pray you experience unshakable peace and joy and start to really believe that you are amazing exactly the way you are and you are worthy of every blessing life has to offer. May your journey into 2019 find you surrounded with more love and abundance then ever before. Every single day is a blessing. Notice the little things and the big things will follow. Happy New Year to each and everyone of you.

Is Your Life Empty or Full?


What is the message you woke up telling yourself today?

I heard a podcast yesterday that really made me re-examine my own words and thoughts. The idea was that many of us complain we don’t have anything to wear as we stare into a closet full of clothes. We open our refrigerators and complain there is nothing to eat despite the fact it is almost full. We turn on the tv and surf a thousand channels and still we cannot find a single thing to watch.

At what point do we stop and ponder what in the world is wrong with me? How can I allow myself to overlook my blessings and focus on what I do not have rather than what is right there in front of me? We have to learn to be happy and grateful in this moment exactly the way our life is now. This idea that I would be happy if…leaves us chasing ifs until we run out of days. There will always be another if and we have to choose to be happy in spite of it. It’s time use our words to reflect a joyful, gracious heart and practice, practice, practice until it becomes automatic. There is enough negativity in the world and we can choose not to contribute to it.

Today, choose to be happy. Bask in gratefulness and watch how your life changes before your eyes. So what’s it gonna be? Is your closet, fridge, life full or is it half empty? There are no ifs worth robbing you of your own happiness. Stop chasing them.

Another Birthday Blessing


Today is a special day. I am filled with gratitude that I am blessed enough to celebrate 47 years of life. Not long ago my mom asked, what are you doing about your wrinkles and I smiled and said, absolutely nothing. So many people I know haven’t lived long enough to even experience a wrinkle. Today, as I look in the mirror I am filled with love and gratitude for the amount of living that have contributed to each line. Each year I live better and my priorities have come into focus. I am greedy with my time and I do my best to use it on the people and things that I love. I’ve learned to obsess about those things. I focus on the things I have and spend more time feeling grateful than anything else. The rest doesn’t matter. I use my feet to walk by people and situations that rob me of the limited energy I have and I don’t ever look back. I am focused and excited for what lies ahead. I really do believe the best is yet to come because my mind and my heart are in such an amazing place. As I reflect on this past year, the word that comes to mind is happy. I have made living intentionally my purpose and my life has changed and improved in ways I have no words to even explain. There’s a favorite song of mine that has these words. I believe that days go slow and years go fast and every breaths a gift, the first one to the last… I don’t feel sad for the time that has disappeared but rather grateful for each day I get to wake up and live all over again. When you know better, you live better, you love better and you stop taking yourself and life so seriously. Today reflect on who you are in this moment and love yourself unconditionally. Your life is a celebration. Embrace this day and make up your mind to live it passionately. The secret to life is your attitude backed by a ton of gratitude. Party on.

Tell Me Something Good!


Have you practiced gratitude today? It sounds kind of funny to think of gratitude as something we have to practice but if you’re like me, there have been plenty of times in your life that feeling miserable, cranky and negative have been the norm. The truth is we don’t have to feel that way. With some mindful effort, we can actually train our brain to give out more positive thoughts. The more positive our thinking becomes, the happier we feel and sooner or later it will just be something that happens naturally. When you learn to ignore the people and situations that make you feel bad, you allow the people and situations that make you feel good fill you up and then your life will change. Why not give it a try? What are you grateful for today?

Fall Into That Today


How amazing is it that you were given this beautiful opportunity to live another day? Make a mental list of three things you feel grateful for right now in this moment and fall into that feeling. Let joy and appreciation guide your every step. Make up your mind to have a great day and do something small that makes someone else’s day great too!

A Little Inspiration


Before my feet hit the floor I reflect on the many things I am grateful for. Focus on what makes you happy. Think about what makes you feel complete and carry that good feeling into your day. This day only comes around once. Why not spend it feeling amazing? Have a wonderful Friday!

Starting With Thoughts of Gratitude


I woke up today feeling very grateful. I couldn’t help but allow my mind to travel back to a time of outhouses, oil lamps and no running water. I wonder what families talked about as they sat around the dinner table. There were no cell phones giving off notifications every second and no stories of impending doom coming from a news channel as the noise continuously blared from the tv. We are so fortunate but yet conversations would make you think the sky is getting ready to fall. What you talk about you get more of. How you think and where you place your focus determines what you attract more of. Resist and you attract more opportunities to do just that. Practice gratitude and the Universe delivers more situations to feel grateful for. Sometimes it is clear to see why we are in the state we are in but just for today, think about how lucky and blessed you are with all these modern conveniences. Don’t create drama, create peace and don’t fabricate problems where there are none. Change your thinking because after all, that is the only thing you have an ounce of control over. Use it in your favor. Change your world and the outside world will start to reflect what you see.

Make the Change


When I look back on my life a year ago, I am moved to tears by the gratitude I feel for some much needed change. For years I took a backseat in my own life. I accepted the circumstances and allowed myself to play the victim. At some point, I knew enough was enough and every intention and choice I made purposefully moved my life in a different direction. I am beyond happy now. Until I could picture myself feeling elated and peaceful, there was no way I would bring that image into reality. I had to want it enough to believe it was possible which then led me to find a way to make it possible. 

Remember, where and who you are today will not be the same as where and who you will be a day or even a year from now unless you are too afraid to make a move. The same behavior and repetitive negative thoughts will only lead you down the same road. If you want to explore new, exciting ground then you have to take the first step in a different direction. Don’t wait any longer. Do it today!

Could It Be That Simple?


After some really hard work, my inner voice has taken on a brand new tone. As I sat back in my pool float today, I actually heard these words inside my own head. “Relax kid. Enjoy your life”.  So that is my mantra for the week. We spend years pondering our purpose in life. Perhaps it is more simple than we ever imagined. Love hard, speak easy, be kind and enjoy the precious life you’ve been given. Have a blessed day.