Starting With Thoughts of Gratitude


I woke up today feeling very grateful. I couldn’t help but allow my mind to travel back to a time of outhouses, oil lamps and no running water. I wonder what families talked about as they sat around the dinner table. There were no cell phones giving off notifications every second and no stories of impending doom coming from a news channel as the noise continuously blared from the tv. We are so fortunate but yet conversations would make you think the sky is getting ready to fall. What you talk about you get more of. How you think and where you place your focus determines what you attract more of. Resist and you attract more opportunities to do just that. Practice gratitude and the Universe delivers more situations to feel grateful for. Sometimes it is clear to see why we are in the state we are in but just for today, think about how lucky and blessed you are with all these modern conveniences. Don’t create drama, create peace and don’t fabricate problems where there are none. Change your thinking because after all, that is the only thing you have an ounce of control over. Use it in your favor. Change your world and the outside world will start to reflect what you see.


Make the Change


When I look back on my life a year ago, I am moved to tears by the gratitude I feel for some much needed change. For years I took a backseat in my own life. I accepted the circumstances and allowed myself to play the victim. At some point, I knew enough was enough and every intention and choice I made purposefully moved my life in a different direction. I am beyond happy now. Until I could picture myself feeling elated and peaceful, there was no way I would bring that image into reality. I had to want it enough to believe it was possible which then led me to find a way to make it possible. 

Remember, where and who you are today will not be the same as where and who you will be a day or even a year from now unless you are too afraid to make a move. The same behavior and repetitive negative thoughts will only lead you down the same road. If you want to explore new, exciting ground then you have to take the first step in a different direction. Don’t wait any longer. Do it today!

Could It Be That Simple?


After some really hard work, my inner voice has taken on a brand new tone. As I sat back in my pool float today, I actually heard these words inside my own head. “Relax kid. Enjoy your life”.  So that is my mantra for the week. We spend years pondering our purpose in life. Perhaps it is more simple than we ever imagined. Love hard, speak easy, be kind and enjoy the precious life you’ve been given. Have a blessed day.

Sometimes I Forget


Sometimes I forget what it’s like to feel happy in a room filled with smiling people. With so much conflict and protesting recently, a night out at an awesome concert felt really good. As I looked around at the genuine joy on people’s faces, my eyes filled up with tears. This is the way it’s supposed to be I thought to myself as I wiped away a tear with the cuff of my sleeve. I thanked God for that moment and that I was mindful enough to experience and enjoy it.  Sometimes I forget that we make life so much harder than it needs to be. We complicate the very relationships that are meant to be beautiful by destroying them with our ugliness. Sometimes I forget what peace feels like but last night I felt it. I remembered and I am grateful.

What Are You Grateful For Right Now?


Let’s face it, I’m not so sure people have been feeling very thankful lately. Sometimes our ability to feel gratitude is dependent on how well things are going for us at a particular time. The truth is, the times you are feeling your worst are the times you need to reach out and find at least something everyday you can be thankful for. Today, I am grateful for the blogging community. The way we respect one another’s views while at the same time challenging one another to think about something differently makes the world a better place. Thank you for the loving, inclusive group that you are. My heart is full. What are you grateful for today? 

What Makes YOUR Heart Smile?


It is unbelievable how one bad attitude can affect an entire day. I really didn’t want to crawl out of bed anyway today but when I came out to the kitchen and told my son he had to take his shorts and shirt sleeves off, he was furious. That’s when the day started to spiral downward. My mood was falling out from underneath me and I was feeling aggravated, all because I expected him to wear winter clothes on a cold day. Once I got home from driving him to school, I checked into Facebook to find an adorable picture of my two month old nephew. That’s all it took to remind me of all the beautiful blessing that came into my life over the last year. Sure, things can take a turn for the worst. Sometimes we can have a bad week or maybe even a month, but when I look at all the wonderful things that have happened over the past year, the bad things seem to melt away. They will never entirely disappear but they are so much smaller sitting next to the things that have been so amazing.

Last night my husband and I had a conversation about whether our glass felt half empty or have full. Although we couldn’t agree on the interpretation of which was positive and which was negative, there is no doubt when I tell you my heart is full, I am feeling fully blessed despite the days that left me feeling worn and empty.

Find something to focus on today that makes your heart smile. What is that something for you? I’d love to hear about it. Let’s share something good today.

Land Ho!


This week we hit a major landmark. It’s been a really tough, stressful school year in this house but we are officially halfway through the school year once we get to Friday. This is a reminder that everything does eventually pass. The important thing is not to get swept up in the tumultuous current and let it carry you so deep that you cannot escape. Believe me, I know because I am standing here soaking wet, barely able to catch my breath. The experience, this stress has changed me in ways I am not proud of. It has stirred up an ugly place that I don’t care to revisit anymore. New year. Fresh start and time to put the ugliness behind me now. Nothing is worth your sanity, your health or your peace of mind. The toughest part about being a mother is the inability to separate from our children. I don’t necessarily mean physically but rather mentally and emotionally. I take this job very seriously and how they turn out, what they become is a direct result of the kind of job I do. I know that is not entirely true but it’s hard to convince myself otherwise.

Happy Monday! Find something to be happy about and focus on that. It feels so much better to be happy and our thoughts do make a difference. Choose good ones.