Parenting Is The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done


Some lessons are not fun to learn. The ones that painfully come along with parenting really take the cake. Sometimes we raise kids who are not like us. We can set the most perfect example and still we find ourselves with a child who is everything we try not to be. 

I don’t take responsibility lightly. At every corner I see person after person who cannot seem to function on their own. There is always someone to make excuses for and rescue the one who no matter how hard he tries, just cannot not take care of or rescue himself. It’s everywhere I look. My children, friends children, parents, even teachers. We demand perfection from other people yet most of us cannot even begin to deliver a morsel of perfection from ourselves. 

There is a critical moment in a lifetime when you reach a crossroad that requires careful balance. It’s that lesson you must teach that requires a fine line into helping someone become more accountable and at the same time not making them feel like a disappointment. The truth is we are all a disappointment at one time or another. What I’ve learned is that being a disappointment to another human being is difficult but finally admitting you’re a disappointment to yourself is necessary to bring about ant change in a better direction. You cannot change for anyone else. You have to make a change for yourself. 

As a parent, from the second that baby grows inside your body, you feel protective. You feel this intense desire to keep your child safe. Then there comes a time where it’s necessary to cut the lifeline and let the child learn on his own. It’s excruciating and goes against every motherly instinct so how do you do it? How do you step back and pray to God that your own child picks up his own slack so the he doesn’t hang himself with his own rope? How do you stand by and know that child is so much more than he appears to be but has to cross the next bridge all on his own? Yeah it’s hard being a parent sometimes. Maybe all the time.