The Truth About Lists


I used to measure how successful my day was by looking at how many things I had checked off my to do list. Today, though I actually looked at the things on the list. The back and forth, drive here, drive there and I realized there are just too may things on that list for any sane person. So, today I will high five myself for getting everything I needed to get done done and for squeezing some time in for myself as well. That list is just some pencil marks scribbled on a lined piece of paper and I will no longer allow it to define how I feel about my day. It will be a guide, not a gauge and whatever doesn’t get done can certainly wait until another day.

The Secret To Having a Positive Mind


Do you ever wonder what makes someone so positive? I am about to tell you a secret that might just change your entire life. But first we have to look at the mind. I am about to allow you to peek into my mine. This is the dialogue that went on inside my head from the moment I first opened my eyes this morning.

” I hate Mondays. Just great! Another weekend where I didn’t catch up on any sleep. Sure dog, I will jump right out of bed to let you out because everyone’s needs are always more important than mine. Why isn’t Chase downstairs yet? Oh of course, he is just sitting there on the couch doing nothing. God forbid he gets up to get his own breakfast. Why would he when you always do everything for everyone. Of wonderful. Kayleigh washes clothes every Sunday night. Now on top of everything else I have to fold the load that’s dry and switch over the other. How convenient for everyone to leave their mess and walk out for me to do it. I hate Mondays. Maybe I should make them take the bus. Why should I do things for them when they are always dumping on me. Oh of course they are sitting in the car while the dogs still need to go in the crate and there are the papers that are supposed to be returned to school today. I guess Ill carry them out to the car too.”

Yes, close your mouth, I do have thoughts like that just like everyone else. We all do, that’s just the way it is. So how do we turn those thoughts around to attempt to have a better day? First of all, you have to recognize the pattern and say no, I will not listen to this anymore. I am not a victim and I will not allow my thoughts to make me feel like one.

Sounds easy right? Well, it’s not. Time to call on step two. It’s important to acknowledge your feelings and realize there is always some truth to our thoughts. The point is to not allow the mind to blow them out of proportion. You have to find a way to balance out the negativity. For me it’s writing. I explore the feelings. I let them come and I leave them on a page as words. I also follow inspirational bloggers so that I too can continuously hear a positive message. When you combine the news and the negative people who surround you, you are doomed if you don’t find a way to counteract it. Repeating affirmations, taking a walk, spending time in nature or posting inspirational quotes in your car and around your house are just some ways to turn your attitude around. Oh yes, and of course exercise. I am sure one of the biggest contributors to my negative self talk is the fact that I haven’t been to yoga in weeks. That is an amazing way to quiet the mind and regain peace.

Being positive takes a great deal of discipline and work. You aren’t born with the gift of being positive and NEWSFLASH, there actually are no rose colored glasses. People who are positive work very hard to be positive. It is an uphill battle and your sword has to always be ready to fight a good fight.

Now you know. Being positive, loving the ones who hurt you, forgiving the ones who hate you and maintaining a positive, healthy attitude can be something you too can achieve if you put in the work., but I warn you, it doesn’t magically happen overnight. The question is, will you do it?