When Life Is Like A Giant Hairball


It’s one of those days. I’m not looking for pity, we all have them. There’s a lot of tedious things to do today. My back hurts and I’m trying to get it all done before it’s time to pick one kid up, drop 2 loaves of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches off for the swim team and then finally get back later to watch the meet tonight. It’s like a Monday on a Thursday and it snuck up on me unexpectedly. I was finally making progress and finishing my hair when I heard the gut wrenching noise. You know the noise. It usually comes in the middle of the night and you lie there wondering if you should let it go until morning or get up and clean it up. This time, luckily for me it came in the middle of a chaotic day. There they were, two disgusting, gigantic hairballs sitting there laughing hysterically at me. It’s really a funny thing, sometimes when you are convinced you are having a lousy day, there is always something lurking around the corner to make it even worse. So, shake off the poor me act and be ready. Have a roll of paper towels available to clean that crap up and then just move on. Keep going and don’t give it another thought. When life is like a giant hair ball, just walk away from the cat. Simple as that!

Stress Is Like A Gigantic Hairball


I was thinking yesterday about why I blog. What is the payoff? Why am I so drawn to the whole crazy process? What is it about writing that makes committing to it come so effortlessly.

I have been writing for many years. It dawned on me yesterday that I have been changing the words of songs into my own lyrics since I’ve been a little girl. Just for fun of course. The words come so easily when I want to be silly or just express myself. In my teens and early 20’s, it was poetry that served as a platform for my creative expression. Now it is blogging.

For me, my blog is like a gigantic Hairball and I am the cat. Over time, my thoughts, emotions, feeling and experiences get intertwined in the depths of my stomach. Everything that’s been stuck inside starts to become loud and palpable and writing is sometimes the only avenue I have to release it. I can sit for days and pine over something that is bothering me. I can feel physical pain or heartbreak or worry that can eat me up for ridiculous periods of time. It is only writing that finally allows some healing release. Sometimes it takes several different posts on the same concept to finally feel better enough to let it go and eventually move on. Other times, if I’m lucky, I can get one gigantic hair ball out in the regurgitation of one post. With writing comes expression and release and healing and it’s weeks like this one that I am grateful for one of the healthiest coping mechanisms I have ever known.

How do you release all that junk that bottles up inside? How long does it take for you to finally let it go?