When To Admit You’re Wrong


I went to get my hair colored yesterday. For some crazy reason, the only place that is turning pure white is right around my face. I asked the girl what type of treatment I needed to cover my gray and she decided on a root erase. When I got home and finally looked in the mirror I was horrified to still see white. I just sat there for over an hour, spent 52.00 dollars and I still looked the same. Normally I am not one to confront or complain but I was pretty upset and decided to go back and ask the girl what had gone wrong. To my dismay, instead of offering to remedy the problem, she acted like that is what I should have expected for that particular treatment. I looked her in the eyes and asked her why I would have come in to get my hair colored if she wasn’t going to cover all the white. She still blamed me and apologized wrapping it up with “Have a nice day.” I was horrified and realized there was no need for anymore conversation with her. I walked up to the front desk and explained my situation to the manager who immediately handed back every penny I paid including the tip. 

Sometimes it’s just best to admit you are wrong. And when you are wrong, sometimes it is necessary to do what it takes to make it right. Needless to say, I will never go back to that girl again. Maybe if she was apologetic and took responsibility to admit the mistake and do it over, then maybe I would have come back. Now I am forced to search for a new hairdresser and remedy the problem myself with a $5.99 store bought root erase. The moral of the story is this, just admit when you are wrong and do all you can to right that wrong. Then and only then, you will be forgiven and everyone can move on.