Give Yourself A Break Today


If someone asked you to list some positive attributes about yourself, could you do it? We spend a lot of time apologizing for who we are but seldom spend time bragging about what makes us special and unique.

Yesterday I got a text from my daughter about how excited she was to receive her spooky Halloween college care package. So one of my most notable qualities is that I am extremely and painfully reliable. I am that person who is always there doing whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing until it is obsessively perfect and completed. Image my horror when I discover this text at 4:30 yesterday afternoon and I haven’t even given a single thought to a care package? I was deflated. What happened to Miss dependable? She doesn’t get to slack off or forget because she hasn’t been having a very good week. I reached out for help and gratefully my husband was able to save the day and that package arrived today on time.

This is a reminder to love yourself as deeply as you do others. Forgive yourself and recognize that sometimes you need to get a break too. Embrace your humanness so that you can embrace others humanness too.

Float Away


Sometimes it’s great to do something new. Last night, we headed to the city to watch the 1st Annual Pumpkin Float. Sure, it was a bit corny but the fall chill was in the air and it was amazingly peaceful watching the lights dance and reflect off the water. They lined up pumpkins and placed them on small platforms tied together and pulled by someone rowing a kayak. And there it was, a parade of pumpkins flowing down a waterway in the middle of beautiful gardens. It was nice to get out as a family and allow the troubles of the week to fall away. We wrapped up the night with a stop at the Spaghetti Warehouse for some delicious pasta. What a way to end the week and start the weekend? How did you spend your Friday night?