There’s Nothing Quite Like Laughing


Have you ever had one of those days when every thought in your head strikes you as hilariously funny? I don’t mean the kind of funny that makes you smile to yourself, but the kind of funny that makes you laugh completely out loud like you are going mad. There I was riding in the car laughing so hard I had tears coming down my cheeks. So, I call my dad to share my funny thought, and before I could get any words out, I was laughing so hard that he was laughing along with me. Then, at dinner, I am sharing those same funny thoughts with my husband and daughter, again laughing so hard I had to hold onto the table to keep from falling out of my chair, and they couldn’t resist the desire to join in with me..The best was laying in bed a few minutes ago all alone and laughing so hard my stomach actually began to hurt. I am so grateful for days like this. I love these funny voices in my head and hope they stick around for a few more days. Today, I am wishing everyone that reads this a ” Laugh Out Loud kind of day” because it is true how the saying goes, laugh and the world laughs with you!