Some People Are Just Ugly


Why in the world do I even jump in on a political conversation? In fact, I am questioning why I socialize with anyone during this drawn out and extremely damaging election season at all. One thing is certain. Hillary supporters are equally as ugly as Trump supporters. I am watching from afar many people I know turning into internet policemen. As soon as you type a single statement, the fact checkers come out of the darkness to respond FALSE! WRONG! UNTRUE! It’s sickening really because who are these fact checkers anyway? Are we not capable as a human race to decide for ourselves what is true and what is not. The absolute audacity of someone who believes they are so much smarter than everyone else. It’s insulting, condescending and unnecessary. Then you have the attack dogs, ready and willing to jump on anyone walking by wearing the opposing candidates t-shirt .I am seriously fed up. I’d really like to give these people a piece of my mind and ring a giant gong that would bounce them off of social media forever for causing riots and disturbing the peace. Instead, I will vent to my lovely fellow bloggers who offer nothing more than respect and support. I feel so much better already. Thanks for letting me vent. Oh and don’t be ugly! We have enough of that already.

Please Tell Me This is Just a Horrible Dream


I am starting to feel ill watching the darkness that has settled over my country during this election process. I am amazed at how we will lay down our life and our own relationships to defend a candidate that we believe we know everything about yet we have never even met. How could we choose a stranger over our own flesh and blood or destroy friendships that have survived for years over the choice of a candidate or differences in opinion when it comes to politics? Times have shown that we value our opinions and political affiliation over the people in our lives. I find it sad and disturbing but who am I? We have become a people who love to tell others they are wrong. We have become internet bullies waiting and lurking to use our freedom of speech to degrade someone or tell them their opinions are wrong. Who do we think we are that we assume we know more than somebody else? And what kind of monsters have we become that we will fight til the death to get in the last chide comment or nasty, know-it-all word?

Frankly, I have had enough. I never thought I would live in a time where we go out of our way to say an unkind word and tear others down. I never dreamed I would live in an era of dissension, disrespect, and verbal war. I never thought I would see people grow so big that they are bursting out of their own skin. Please tell me this is just a horrible dream. I can’t seem to wake myself up.