Walk the Walk


So not long ago, I found myself in the office of a school administrator lecturing my son about character and integrity. I guess it’s easy when you sit in the seat of the accuser looking down on the accused. Life has a funny way of disrupting things so that occasionally the accuser ends up in the hot seat of being accused. How in the world can our kids not be confused and screwed up when the very people who are supposed to be role models and leaders end up being total hypocrites. I’m not judging, really I’m not but it wasn’t easy sitting quietly and listening to my son being judged. Time has a way of fixing wrongs but our words never go away. We must choose them wisely and be very careful if we are to cast the first stone that we walk the walk and never find ourselves behaving in a way we once demeaned someone else for. Encourage. Practice what you preach and always make sure your actions are consistent with your words. That is what makes you relevant.

A State of Chaos


I wonder how people who willingly condemn another can hold themselves to a different standard. What is the reasoning that allows condemnation of one and passivity with another? There seems to be a lack of consistency when it comes to accountability, rules, laws and standards. It’s not what act was committed yet who committed the act that decides if and what the consequence will be. It’s unjust and it’s twisted and it sends mixed messages. No wonder people are so confused. When we lack consistency we create chaos. Nobody needs more of that. God help the children that are being raised in this difficult era of hypocrisy. Do as I say and not as I do.

Today I beg you to be the role model these kids need. No more double standards. No more hypocrisy. We have got to set the bar higher because a state of chaos is not where I want to live.

Just Be Real


I am amazed how easily lying comes to some people these days. How can someone publicly demean someone for something they too are participating in secretly? Do people have no moral conscience today? Do they not realize their hypocrisy and dishonesty will affect how other people see them or do they just not care? Is character becoming a thing of the past and presenting yourself as someone you’re not becoming the norm? I have a tremendous amount of respect for the people I know who are honest about who they are. I admire someone who stays true to his word and tells the truth even if it incriminates himself. Finding someone who is genuine is a rare blessing these days and should be considered a true role model. Having the facade of being a stellar human being does not actually make you a stellar human being. Being consistent with who you are in front of and hidden from the camera is a good start.