The Power of Words Award!


I am tickled pink and humbled to announce that Coach Muller from “Good Time Stories” has nominated my blog for such an amazing award. If you haven’t checked out his blog, I assure you, you are missing out. Please drop by and say hello. I know you will love his light hearted, inspiring site as much as I do.

This new blog award was created by a fellow blogger, “The Idealistic Rebel”


I have designed this award because so many feel they can’t change the world. They can. You can. Your words, your blog can educate, raise awareness, change opinions and raise spirits. Through your blog you are reaching people you may never have effected any other way.

So this is for all who click away on the computer with a heart full of love, kindness, compassion and caring. For all of you who write to correct wrongs and injustices. For all of you who work to bring light into our world and hope to people’s lives. You are all heroes in my book.

Please accept this heart-felt award and pass it on to those in your WordPress family who deserve it. Let’s keep it going for the entire year. May it inspire all with light, words, and love for the human family.

You all know how much I hate rules, so please just

*post the award on your blog*

*thank the person who gave it to you*

*pass it on to those whom you deem worthy*

*let your nominees know*


If you do not accept award, that’s okay. I would still like you to know how much your blogs inspire me.

I would like to nominate three special blogs that are close to my heart. I hope you take the time to check them out. Whenever I need a pick me up, I can find one here in their words.
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Kindness Counts


It’s easy to grab a cup of coffee, sit back in my comfy recliner and list everything that’s wrong with the world. Denying what is going on around me will not make it disappear. Sometimes though, I am caught off guard by the simplest act of kindness and today I will share one that made me smile.

Yesterday I cleaned the house. When I got to the bedroom I decided to take a break and spend some time with my son. He has been very ill with a respiratory infection so we have been just hanging out together in bed and watching some movies. I love our time together, when he takes a moment to step away from his phone or his video games and just be with me. I happened to mention I was tired so he left the room, closed the door and I slept for three hours. Napping is not something I do on a regular basis. When I do lay down, the kids notice and this was the second day in a row I slept for a substantial part of the day. It wasn’t long after I woke up that I went out to the kitchen to get myself a drink. Next thing I knew there was a sound of the vacuum cleaner coming from my bedroom. My sweet, sick boy decided he was going to finish what I started. I was deeply touched. When I asked him why he did it he told me it was because I took such good care of him when he was sick and thanked me for for picking him up more cough medicine.

It is those little moments of hope that convince me that love and kindness are very much alive. It is those little generous, selfless acts that give me hope for a more loving world. It may seem like a small gesture, but for me it was pretty big. Somewhere a long the way my words, my example and my actions have influenced this and I am proud. What we water in our garden grows and kindness is in full bloom in our home.

Have you witnessed any acts of kindness lately that have influenced your day? I’d love to hear about them.

Creating Moments


One thing I have discovered after 15 years of practicing parenting is that there comes a time when kids go their own unique, separate way. It is so important to create moments where you leave your son or daughter no other choice but to spend the day with you. Plan things you know they enjoy. Make time for the one on one. Whether it’s shooting hoops in the backyard with one kid or planning a special meal at their favorite place, do it today.

Tonight I am spending the evening with my daughter. I am sacrificing my own taste buds and taking her to the Thai restaurant of her choice. Then, we are headed to the city to watch Phantom of The Opera. We went to see our first play together last year and I knew then that we would be seeing a play together at least once every year.

Kids grow up. They move out and they move on. Give them a reason to always want to come home. Someday you will wait patiently for those days and hold on to the memories you have made in between. Be someone they want to spend time with and you will never have to wonder if the day will come when they no longer want to be around.

Let Your Heart Be Your Guide


I thought about something today. Often times I hear people say they hope people will get what’s coming to them. I have one simple question. How in the world do we get to decide what it is we feel someone deserves? Can you imagine what kind of world we would live in if we could really inflict our wrath toward someone we feel deserves it? Can you imagine a world where we turned around and treated everyone exactly the way they treated us?What if that person treats us with such disrespect that they destroy a small part of us? Do we really want to turn around and inflict that same harm on someone to cause them the same pain they caused us? What if we treated everyone the way we want to be treated? What if we afforded the benefit to others we wish others would afford to us? What if we wished everyone we came across love, happiness and a peaceful heart?

I hear people debate all the time about whether or not we need to toughen up our kids. We don’t want to raise soft, weak individuals that express fear and pain. We want to teach them the world is a difficult place and they need to suck it up. Well, I strongly disagree.I want to raise kids to make the world a gentler more loving place. I want my kids to believe that their attitude, their words and their actions will add to the world either negatively or positively and I hope in my heart they will choose wisely. I hope they learn compassion. I hope they learn forgiveness. I hope they learn that we are all equal. I hope they learn that their anger does not justify cruel actions. I hope they learn to say I’m sorry and to reach out even when they are being pushed away. I hope they always feel love in their heart and the courage to accept people as they are without expectation and judgement. I hope they always do the right thing even if it seems like the hardest option and I pray they learn to respect themselves and others and to always, always choose respect over anything else. One of my favorite quotes is this one and I am reminded of it often.


Remember, we are all connected. Just for today wish everyone love. When we wish to harm another we ultimately end up harming ourselves. What you put out to the world will come back to you. If you feel you are the judge and jury to everyone around you, you will be held captive by the judge and jury in yourself. Stop wishing people what you think they deserve and start wishing everyone what we all deserve. We all deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, we deserve to love and to be loved and most importantly, we are meant to be happy. Watch what happens in your own life when you start to extend all of those aspects to others, when you truly wish from your heart that the people around you experience all that is good in this brief time we call life. It may not come naturally but with a little bit of practice it gets easier and easier and eventually you will know in your heart that this is your true nature. We are not meant to hate. Who will win the battle, your heart or your mind?

What Are You Looking For?


I was awake last night contemplating what it is that makes us all so different. We can read the same words but turn them into a different story. We can watch the same movie yet walk out with different ideas of what it was really about. I think life is just like that. Who we are and how we see and react to different circumstances depends solely on our own perspective. How do we get the way we are? We all live through trials and tribulations. We are all showered with blessings and things to be thankful for. Time holds us prisoner to our own attitudes. What we live through and how we respond to every single stone in our path determines how we will get through the next thing that stands in our way. We can also stand before the very same roadblock and one of us can see it as a tiny pebble and the other will see it as a permanent deterrent and never move on. Our perception is so important. Ask yourself, is your perception of the people and events around you holding you back or is helping you live a better life?

I’ve learned this in my forty something years. Thoughts become things. If you allow your mind to fully believe something, good or bad, that is what your eyes will allow you to see. If you focus on one day or one sentence or one characteristic of a person or situation, your view will be tainted. Sometimes it takes some courage to look at the whole picture and not allow ourselves to become fixated on a small part. It’s hard and it’s a challenge especially if we really want to believe what our minds are telling us is the truth. There are many truths out there if you choose to look. You always have a choice to see something different but what are you focused on? What do you feel in your heart? Do you feel peace, love, hatred, blame? Your heart will pick and choose what you will feel next. Ask yourself this? What do you think about the people and world around you? Pick one or two words. Are they positive, negative, hopeful, defeated? Sometimes you have to check in with the thoughts and emotions inside of you. They are a great gauge to let you know if you are headed down a road filled with joy or a road filled with pain.

Remember, you will only see what you allow yourself to look for. My advice, look for something good or the world will look like a horrible place.

How Are YOU today?


More and more I am starting to realize how my thoughts and attitude affect the person I am. I will give you an example. I have lived here in this house for four years now. Every summer, the barn swallows build a nest at my front and back door. Last year they really started getting under my skin. They would dive bomb our heads if we walked out the front and the ones in the back use our pool deck for a public restroom. It’s pretty disgusting, especially because we are out there in bare feet.

We were floating in the pool just this past weekend and noticed there were more birds than usual. The babies from the front and the babies from the back were flying over our heads for the first time. It was so sweet to watch their enthusiasm and effort in trying to glide through the Oklahoma winds.

I guess life is just that way. There will always be good with the bad, negative with the positive. What’s important to know notice thought, is that we can have the exact same circumstances and a completely different attitude than the day before. What is it that makes us enjoy something or abhor the same very thing depending on the day? It’s a quandary and something I just can’t quite figure out. Maybe it has to do with fatigue or too much of negative that starts to dominate the positive. Maybe you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. If the little things can make your day, I guess the wrong little things can ruin it as well.

Today, I wish you more happy than mad. I wish you more positive than negative and more smiles than tears. There’s always a choice. You can change your circumstances if you change your perspective.

My Life In A Picture


It’s funny, when you have a love for writing you are always on a quest to find the perfect words. Words that describe your feelings like they are spilling outside of your body exposing you to the rest of the world. We look for quotes to find meaning and write the words we need to inspire ourselves to follow our dreams. When we read words that we can identify with, we get this silly rush and become one with the words. There is no telling where they start or where we begin.

Tonight, I looked outside and I could feel my eyes growing wider with awe. If there was a perfect scene or picture to describe who I am I was staring it in the face as I ran for my camera. Here it is. I will not put the meaning into words, for I feel that would rob one of the chance of interpretation. What do you see?


Eat More Chicken


Later on today we are going to my sons favorite restaurant to celebrate his birthday. We have been going to the same place year after year ordering the same thing. Today, I am going to order something entirely different. Sometimes we get comfortable in the predictability of life. It provides a safe little happy place that some of us remain in for years of our lives. But today, I discovered sometimes it’s worth taking a chance to go out on a limb and try something new. Maybe, just maybe, there is a chance for something better waiting to be discovered. I say switch it up, take a new route. Who says it isn’t worth trying to turn good into great? If you don’t give it a try you may never know, and who’s to say if I don’t try some sweet and sour chicken, I won’t have regrets when I can no longer chew! Silly I know, but you get the point. Eat More Flavors Of Chicken. My new motto? Nope, I can do better!