Be Gentle With Yourself


I saw a little girl at the Tag Agency yesterday. I’m guessing she was probably close to a year in age. She had the most infectious smile, so sweet and big that It became like a reflex to smile back at her. It’s hard to believe we were all once that happy little child. I think it’s important to always take care of the child inside of us. We must be patient, kind, compassionate, and understanding with ourselves like we would be with a child. Our inner child loses the ability to ask for love and attention as we grow in age. We can’t have tantrums and act out in our grown up bodies and eventually over time we find it shameful to ask for what we really need. After all, grown ups aren’t supposed to have needs right? We believe we need to be responsible and strong and although we may crack on the inside, we must hide the truth with an exterior made of steel. Love your inner child, care for her, encourage her and most of all give her a break. You are just a bigger version of the little girl who was once not able to care for herself. Yes we can do it all on our own but that doesn’t mean we have to.

What Child Is This?


Child’s pose has become one of my personal resting poses in yoga. As I kneel down and bow my head, my inner child starts to speak. We all have one, but has her voice become muffled by all the other distractions? My inner child is like a super hero. Her faith is strong. She still believes in fairytales and is amazed by acts of courage. She has hope beyond comprehension. She really believes in happy endings and healthy relationships. The adult voice in me tries to get her to quiet down. There are no fairy tales. Life is hard. People are selfish. They sabotage their own happiness. They feel comfortable in misery and drama and they blame everyone else for the demise they bring to their own lives.

Imagine how different I would be if that was the only voice I ever heard. Imagine how hopeless my life would seem if my inner child lost the ability to speak. Children live well. There eyes are like gigantic fountains of love and wonder. They trust and believe and they feel happiness that most adults will never know. They think less and live more. It’s easy for me to choose which side I want to be on. Maybe the child in me believes in things that aren’t real. Maybe that’s okay. Maybe we need to believe in something that so many others no longer see. Today, and this Christmas season, let your child have a voice. Laugh, love and most importantly, don’t forget to play. No child should be left behind so don’t forget to bring along yours either.