A Time of Transformation


Fall is a time of change. With every leaf that falls from the tree, I think of days of my own life falling quietly away. I imagine them all there, lying at my feet as I rustle through them. Some are beautiful and others aren’t worth noticing but all of them make up my past. They make up a large pile of me. Who I was, who I am and who I am yet to become.  I am reminded that life is a beautiful process and journey of transformation. I often pick a word to set an intention to guide me through this time so that I will come out of it a little bit different and hopefully a little better. I’ve chosen this word before but the time has come again to soften. It’s time to soften those rough edges of myself. Time to soften my words and the tone of my voice. Time to soften my thoughts and my expectations of myself and others. Time to soften my thoughts and the hardness I sometimes carry in my heart. My intention is to soften in the way I react. To use softer words when emotions are raging inside of me. To soften my face to look more loving and less angry. Today starts the unfolding of a softer, more patient, more loving version of myself. Today I will soften. What is your intention today?

Taste The Love


The first few years I was married, my husband would taste something I made and tell me whether or not he could taste the love. Ironically enough, if I baked something with care and with the intention of making him happy, he could always taste the love. However, if I was rushed or not really in the mood to bake, he could tell me there was something missing. I woke up today remembering this. I can’t help but wonder if everything we do can be applied to this concept. It’s no secret we are constantly doing things for others. The question is, what is the intention behind what we do? Do we do things because we feel we have to or do we do something for someone simply to show them we love them? Think about this next time you do anything, including for yourself. Observe the intention and see how it effects the outcome. Check in on your attitude and adjust it if you need to. People can feel your vibe. You have a choice; you can pass on resentment or you can pass on love. Which will it be?

You Write It Wednesday


Write about something that makes you happy.

Every night I go to bed I list 10 things I’m grateful for. I’ve done it for as long as I can remember. This week though, I decided to change it up and think about every moment of happiness I experienced that day. It is said that you get more of what you focus on so what better thing to focus on than happiness? 

Happy New Year


I actually winced as I typed the title of this post. When I look around me, it becomes perfectly clear that many people have lost their happy. They are so consumed with grief, resentment, guilt, depression…so much so that they no longer ever feel happy. Imagine if every time you sat in the drivers seat you had no destination. You strapped on your seatbelt, pushed the gas pedal and wandered around never reaching a destination. Many of us do just that, we wander. We forget that if we want to reach a specific destination, we must put the address into the Garmin. I hope you all join me as I type Happy into mine. That is where my journey this new year will take me. As we enter an exciting new year, set an intention, know where you want to go and set your mind on the journey to get there. Don’t spend another year wandering aimlessly around, looking back and discovering you are in the same place as the year before. Do the work, make the changes and I promise at the end of the year you will find yourself in a different and better place.

My intention is this;

In 2015, I will focus on the things that are really important. I will look for the God and the good in every person. I will judge less and love more. I will shrug off the actions and words of people trying to hurt me and I will say a special prayer for them as I lay down to sleep at night. I will be the peace this world so desperately needs and I will care for my own soul as if it were a fragile piece of glass. I will find a reason to be happy every single day and I will make an effort to linger in the moments and stop rushing into the next thing my mind tells me I have to do. This will be one of my greatest years and I am excited to get it started.

I’d love to hear your intention!

A New Word!


Back in April I decided to choose a word, one word, a theme or intention that would be carried out in the span of a year. I thought I would give it a try and see if there really is something to this concept. My word was adventure! Since then, I have been blessed enough to travel to Mexico, visit the Jersey Shore, explore the beautiful countries of Turkey and Greece, and in a few days will be traveling to Gulf Shores Alabama and Destin Florida. Never, in all my years, have I ever traveled to so many places in such a short time. I guess I can conclude that one little word can be very powerful if you really do focus on it. So what will the next word be? Any suggestions? I guess I will need to give it a great deal of thought. I’d love to hear about your word. To be continued……

One Word!


It seems like the latest rage is choosing one word as a yearly intention. My friend just told me about this concept yesterday, and as soon as I started searching it on the Internet, it became obvious that this practice has been going on for a long time. One word to set up the 365 days that lie ahead is not something that comes without a great deal of thought. I’m already a quarter of the way into the year so I know I have to choose wisely. People have chosen words such as bigger, better, serve, intention, and happiness. I choose adventure! I think the beginning of the year has already played that word out. I have tried so many new things on my own, and haven’t let any excuse to not do something hold me back. So that is it! One word…ADVENTURE! Let me know what word you choose.