My Intention is FUN


I started a tradition a few years ago to set an intention for the entire year. I choose one word that I want to be a theme throughout the coming months. This year though I would like to do something a little different. I would like to choose a different word every month. There are certain months that require different things from me. Some are much more stressful than others so one word does not seem appropriate for the entire year. This month my word is fun. I want to spend this January taking life a whole lot less seriously. I want to live in the moment and be open to spontaneity and saying yes to all those things that make me feel good. I saw a question on Facebook that made me look a little closer at my life. What are you allowing? I cringed as the answers popped into my mind. Fear, stress, anxiety, seriousness, panic, dread. Who in their right mind would allow such horrible things? Life is short and try as I may, I have never been able to get a single moment back. So this month, I am allowing fun to take over front and center. It is seriously time for a much needed change. What are you allowing? What word will you choose?

A Letter From The Future


This is me writing you this letter on the last day of 2016. You made some amazing changes in your life this year. You found your happy place and you set up camp there. You remembered that the only thing that can get to you is the decision to let something affect you. You make your own choices now and you have learned that the only thing you can control is your own thoughts. What a difference staying calm and focused has made. You have stepped back and let everyone be more accountable for themselves. You have embraced that the same thing can be done many ways and your way is not the only way. You have spent more time going out at night and enjoying your life rather than sitting home worrying about things you cannot change. You let the small things slip away and you kept your eye on the prize of being present in your own life. You are different now. You are strong, confident and filled with a sense of peace that the strongest winds couldn’t blow away. I knew you could do it with determination and will and you are finally in a place that feels good, a place you want to stay. Welcome. I have been waiting for you to arrive.

They say hindsight is 20/20 so why not give it a try? Set a positive intention for the coming year. 

What Will YOU Choose?


We went out for dinner last night and my husband asked if I had chosen my word. Every year on New Years Eve, I set an intention for the upcoming year. It’s not something I take lightly. I truly believe that when you send energy out into the universe, it comes back. So what could I possibly choose? Out of all the words that currently exist, which is the right one for me? I still haven’t found one that resonates completely so I will meditate on it later today. Think about it. If you could pick one word that would define your entire 2016, what would you want it to be? Give it a try!

You Write It Wednesday


My husband and I were having a conversation last night about something we completely disagreed about. I will extend the question to you?

Do you think everyone you meet has good intentions?

Do you think some people have ill intentions and inflict them on you?

Do you think you perceive something as an ill intention when it may be innocent?

Your turn, GO