You Are Perfect



I posted something politically controversial last night. A wonderful commenter brought something to my attention and I feel the need to speak about it. I often post very positive quotes. I am generally positive by nature. I am also human by nature. I am not even close to being perfect. Much of what I post is as much for my own benefit and growth as it is for others. That being said. I have some pretty solid beliefs and morals. Just because I set those standards for myself does not at all mean that I judge others that are different from myself. I judge me. My behaviors, my thoughts, my actions, the way I treat others. Just because I do not agree with someone else’s convictions does not make me intolerant. Me expressing myself is just staying true to myself and less about pointing a finger in the direction of anyone else. I have a voice and my blog is a place I choose to speak my truth. So, how do we stand up for ourselves, disagree with others and not be labeled as intolerant? That is the question. I respect many people that live a lifestyle that would not be acceptable for myself. However, I have to walk in my own shoes, not yours. Just because something or someone goes against something I believe in for myself does NOT make me intolerant, or prejudice or anything else. I can respect the person without agreeing with the behavior or values. There is a difference and I really think clearing up this misconception will alleviate a great deal of anger in the world we live in today. No ones values or beliefs are more important than anyone else’s, however, they are everything to the person they belong too. It’s okay to agree to disagree. That is not intolerance but rather respect for someone different than yourself. No one can say what is right or wrong because what is right for me may not be right for you. Let’s not get caught up in these big words society throws around that breeds anger. It’s okay to stay true to yourself. You have to be. That may be the only real truth you will ever know. Be a home for it, embrace it and don’t think there is something wrong with you because someone else is different. Even if everyone you know is different. Be who you are. Love who you are. It’s okay to speak up. That is why we have a voice.

The word Namaste has become my biggest inspiration. I really try and practice it each and every day. It means I bow to you. Despite all our differences it speaks to your own divine light recognizing the divine light in others. Sometimes the greatest challenge in life is seeing a person beyond their words, beyond their actions, and beyond what and who we perceive them to be. We are all so much more than what others see. What is really important is that we see deeper into ourselves and love and respect ourselves for all that we are regardless of what others would see as good or bad. We are all special. We are unique. There is only 1 of us in this great big world. Find peace in your oneness and allow that to overshadow all our differences with confidence to find peace with the rest of the world. Namaste.