Can You Answer This Honestly ?


Jennifer Pastiloff posted a question on Facebook. What’s one old/ bad story you tell yourself that you want to get rid of ?

Believe it or not there was a common theme in response to this. I was amazed at how many people chose the same two beliefs.

I am not good enough

I don’t deserve to be loved

Isn’t it amazing how alone we sometimes feel when there are so many people who feel exactly the same way we do? Why is it we don’t feel like we are good enough? Why do we feel we have to be more than who we really are? Why can’t we see how unique and special each one of us really is?

My next question is how in the world do we come to the thinking that we are not worthy of love? What happens to our self esteem that makes us feel so unworthy, so unlovable? The truth is, the capacity to love is endless. There is so much to give and so much to take. Just reach out and grab a hold of it. It is right there waiting. You are worthy of love, we all are.