Yes Challenge


Jennifer Pastiloff is someone I follow on social media. This week she has been posting a list of things she is saying yes to. It made me think about how I hold myself back from so many things I enjoy for absolutely no reason at all. Maybe it’s because what I think I should be doing and what I’d like to be doing are often two very different things. That’s just what I do these days, what’s expected of me. That means I push aside the things that would make me happy for the very things that make me feel crappy. I’m going to join her in making a daily list for myself. We do have a choice but will what we choose come from a place of guilt or desire?

Today, I am saying yes to not vacuuming and sticking my fork into a piece of cake. I am saying yes to squeezing that hour workout in and yes to time to just sit on the couch to blog. I am saying yes to feeling lazy and to picking up take out for dinner. I am saying yes to taking that walk around the block with my husband tonight and yes to focusing on the positives. 

Will you take the challenge? I hope you encourage others to do it too.

Don’t Be An….


Today’s challenge a post about anything you’d like — in the style of your favorite blogger. My favorite blogger/yoga superhero is Jennifer Pastiloff. She uses the “Don’t be an asshole” video series to use herself as an example of why you shouldn’t say and do certain things. Her lessons are light hearted while still being serious and the message is always an important one.

Don’t be an asshole and assume your way is the only way. I was having a really bad day yesterday. I was feeling used, tired, worthless, unappreciated. The house was a complete disaster and the past week I had been much too sick to clean it up. The kids rooms needed to be done. I was disgusted by the dirty fingerprints and their grungy toilets. How could anyone be in this filth and couldn’t they help out knowing I had been so sick? I could feel the rage building inside of me. I was angry and it was about to attack somebody. My daughter bailed but my son really tried to help. He quietly carried the vacuum cleaner upstairs and vacuumed his room. He even took the swifter up and washed his bathroom floor. I was so grateful. I felt ridiculous for blowing up and acting like such a spoiled child. The world does not revolve around me. My time is not the only time. I went upstairs to thank him and discovered something horrible. He cleaned his bathroom floor before sweeping it so there were all kinds of junk stuck to it now. And the vacuum was turned to suction for the extension so he pushed the vacuum over his carpet but it didn’t pick up a thing. All over again, I lost it. The look on his face was excruciating. I could see how pained he felt. All he wanted to do was be helpful and look at the result? 

Don’t be an asshole and treat someone poorly who doesn’t deserve it. Don’t be an asshole and make it so no one ever wants to do anything for you because it is never good enough. Nobody likes an asshole so stop being one.

The Meaning of Life


I have spent forty plus years searching for the meaning of things. As much as I have tried to make sense out of the experiences of this life, they never have or never will make sense. I get that now. Just because I come up with an exceptional notion of why something is the way it is, does not in the least ever make it true. I realize now I have to stop labeling things and defining things and just try and deal with them in the passing moment that is the here and now. I could waste so much time trying to find the answer to something that was never even a question in the first place. I remind myself often that the mind has an agenda of its own and that is to over think. The problem is there are so many more parts to me and my job is to keep them all balanced. Should I see with my eyes or with my heart? Should I think with my mind and opinions or be led by my soul? It’s a battle and one part is always trying to take over. I believe that is how our vision or perception of life and people can really get tainted. Add our oversized ego to that and our opinions and views become a whole lot smaller.

I guess for me, I have found peace judging and assuming less and observing and accepting more. I know I don’t have all of the answers. I know my thoughts can’t all be right. I accept that others are different than me and I must find a way to accept their truth as much as my own. I can’t shove my opinions on anyone else and who am I to think I have the slightest right to judge another? People are always finding fault. I can’t help but wonder if they are like that with themselves as well. For me, it is no way to live. I am less concerned with what makes others tick and what encourages people to behave and speak the way they do. It is not my concern and none of my business. It’s bad enough I judge myself. We are not here to pick out flaws. We are not here to find all the answers. I believe we are here to love and respect and experience and in the midst of all of that to find our own version of peace. Does that make me right? Definitely not but I like to believe that is a good enough purpose as any I have ever heard. Come from a place of love and acceptance. One of my new mantras this year. The other is, don’t be an asshole. I follow Jennifer Pastiloff on Facebook and she does this video series based on this premise. It’s motivational and a reminder to do your best, be your best version of yourself and don’t take life too seriously. Learn and move on and that’s just what I am trying to do.

Maybe there is no real meaning of life. Maybe it is much simpler than we make it out to be. Perhaps it is simply living in each and every moment and not wasting time just going through the motions. There is a difference, don’t you think?