How Corruption Destroys Us All


The horrible memories of a distant school experience remain buried someplace in my mind. The thing that is irrefutable is that when anyone believes they are above the rules or law, when they are allowed to escape consequences for their improper actions, they remain in a position to repeat the offense. These people are unafraid and will stop at nothing because really, who is going to stop them? The very people who should punish their behavior protect and defend the people who do not belong in the position they are in because their misuse of power hurts people they are meant to serve and protect. We know people like this in every organization. Look at these poor gymnasts and this terrible doctor. We have to stop protecting them and it is long overdue that justice should be served. I’ve been forced to move on and let this all go because I was powerless to stop it. I fought hard but there were many more who chose to cover it up and look away than there were those who wanted to do the right thing. For all the families who will come after me and experience what my family has had to endure, I am sorry. I couldn’t fight a crooked system. When there is no justice system, there can be no justice.

Who Will Pay Next?


I’m on this incredible journey to be better. Will you join me? First, let me explain exactly what I am referring to when I use the word better. It doesn’t mean I am better than my family or better than my neighbors. it doesnt mean I am better than anyone else at all. It simply means, I am better than the person I was when I woke up and crawled out of bed yesterday morning. Being better means knowing better which hopefully leads to living better.

I was thinking today about the whole justice system and where I think it leads to the wrong kind of thinking. When someone does something wrong, we feel they need to be punished. Say someone causes an accident and their insurance pays for the victims medical expenses. Do we stop there? No, we take it one step further believing someone should pay for our pain and suffering. Isn’t this in a way, the downfall of humanity? How many times have you been in a terrible mood and the first person who tries to make conversation becomes your personal victim? You had a bad day and now a poor innocent person has to pay. Small children in an innocent school have to pay. Someone innocently practicing personal religious beliefs has to pay. Thousands in the twin towers had to pay. Why, because someone was fighting for justice or reacting out of anger. Someone was miserable so someone had to pay right? I challenge you to ask yourself one important question? Does making someone pay for your pain and suffering, justified or not, take away your own pain and suffering? Is there any possible way in any circumstance that any one persons pain can make up for another’s? I’d like to think that someone who has gone through any type of intense pain would want to prevent that for any and everyone else. If something is uncomfortable and unbearable for us, why would we then will it and inflict it on another human being? Maybe some will agree and maybe some won’t, but I hope it makes you think a little. Think about how we could apply this to this day and age and how this belief in an eye for an eye philosophy is destroying us from the inside out. When will anyone ever be punished enough? What amount of restitution will ever be enough? My advice is this, treat others the way you want to be treated and remember what you wish on others, you ultimately wish on yourself. Think on that one a while.

Is a Wrong Ever Right?


I guess one of the things that separates me from most is I do not accept or agree with a double standard. If I think something is wrong, it is wrong regardless of the circumstance. Recently, here in Oklahoma there has been news of a botched execution. It comes as a total shock that the very man that was questioning if the drugs offered to prisoners allow them to die humanely clearly suffered on that cold, hard table. I will post a link to the article for those that are interested. For me it is simple. Murder is bad. It is wrong and it robs someone of the life they were meant to live. I absolutely cannot support the death penalty because my feelings about right and wrong are so strong. Two wrongs never ever make a right, period. If it’s not okay for Joe Shmo to murder a human being then we punish him by murdering him? Has anyone considered how ridiculous that sounds? Who do any of us think we are that we have the right to take the life of another? It is not our gift to take away. I’m sorry, it just doesn’t sit right with my heart or soul. Many will disagree, and really that’s okay. It’s just so hypocritical to me at least in my own mind.

Some will argue that the family of the person murdered deserves justice too. Is justice making the family of the murderer go through the same agony and pain as the victims family? Is that right and just? Is that how our minds work really? Does the murderer not have a family as well or do they no longer count because someone they love committed a horrendous crime. There are so many mixed messages today and so much confusion that the line between right and wrong has been sadly blurred with what, reasoning? Sorry. You can’t pick and choose when something is and when it is not acceptable. You can but I won’t. Our eternal fate is in our own hands, we are accountable for our own decisions and our own convictions. Thou shalt not kill is pretty clear to me but we are all entitled to make our own choices. What do you think? Have you heard this story? Here’s the link. Take a look! UPDATE: Chaos after Oklahoma botched lethal injection with never-before used drug via @kfor

When The Systems Broken


When the systems broken where do you go? There is no magic place to turn where you can click your own heels and return to a simpler time. A time when people could believe in the power of justice and know that the system would guard and protect them from what is so blatantly wrong.

I heard the news yesterday that the judge in Justina Pelletiers case granted permanent custody to the state of Massachusetts. I read it twice and then once again. I must have misunderstood something. Now that people all over the world were standing behind the family of this pathetically abused young girl, surely the power of the people could force the system to do what’s right.

My stomach is physically ill at the thought that we place power, real power to decide our fate, our health, our life into the hands of people that lack the ability to ever admit that they are wrong. Is that saying the whole justice system is corrupt? Of course not, but look around at the crazy things people have gotten away with over the past few years that many would never have thought possible. How can this be? I’ll tell you how because I have dealt with this kind of situation in organizations myself. The problem is this. Someone makes a bad decision, off the charts, horrible, bold decision. The rest of the system, not wanting to look bad, will back any action or person regardless of how ridiculous the circumstance, regardless of how clearly obvious it is to the majority of the world that the decision or action was horrendously wrong.

They say birds flock together. You’ve heard that one right? Well power hungry, egotistical birds who base their decisions off of their own pride flock together so tightly that they become one. It is crazy but it happens. They don’t care what the whole world thinks, if they made a decision then that’s that. That decision is never going to be changed. Oh, and try and challenge it, and that nasty flock of birds will attack you so painfully hard that you may not even remember what you were fighting for in the first place. Then, looky here, that corrupt system points a big, fat finger back at you and all of a sudden you are not the victim. They will point to your every flaw regardless of the cost until they make you look like an unstable, emotional, angry, dangerous lunatic that actually may need to be examined yourself. After all, you are out of control and need to be contained by the power hungry dogs. And all the while, the flock laughs to themselves as the system supports their plump, lazy tail feathers and slowly, one at a time, they destroy lives. The attention is now off of them and onto you my friend.

I’m sorry but if We The People back down, then what will it be next? They are already ripping our kids out of the stronghold of our arms and why? Because we love and protect them and fight with our entire being to do what actually is in the best interest of OUR child? But what the hell do we know? We are just the parents and too stupid, or uneducated to ever really know what’s best. That should be left to a total pompous stranger that doesn’t have the courage to even consider how protecting their own arrogant selves is absolutely destroying other peoples lives. But what do they care. At the end of the day, their flock will be there clinking mugs and singing Ride Sally Ride, all the while knowing, every little conquer is just another step forward to owning a more powerful belt. And what are you going to do about it, little, insignificant you? Who is going to stop them? Remember, birds of a feather flock together, do you even know the size or depth of the flock? No, you don’t my friend but you can bet it is out of control if they can pull off a stunt like this one.

If you are not familiar with this story and this girl, I am begging, for her sake and for yours, do not look the other way.