What Sends You Straight To Crazy?


I read the stories on social media of objects, signs, people and differences of opinion that send some people straight to crazy. I can’t help but wonder how they would withstand some real trauma up against them in real life. Now is the best time to ask yourself, what is your foundation? Have you built your house on rock or sand and are you ready to face the consequence when real trouble threatens to tear you down? If you crumble at the idea of things what in the world will you do when a real threat stares you in the face? It’s time to get real about who we’ve become as a nation, as a family, as individuals. Will you sink or stand? Time to decide.


I Just Don’t Get It


There are days I question what many around me believe. We seem to live in a society that wants to catch people doing something wrong and then inflict and see through some type of punishment. I come from a different mind frame and it’s hard for me to understand how easily people get caught up in this web and eventually become obsessed. I do not feel that I have the right to point a finger at other people. I have done plenty of things that I am not proud of and just because I didn’t get caught does not make me any different than the guy on the breaking news who did. I do not think there is a single person living right now who has not broken a law, disrespected rules or done something that most would agree deserves some type of consequence. Everyday I drive, people are flying by me disregarding the speed limit. I have accidentally run a red light but when it comes to the law, does intent ever really matter? I think the mistake we make is this. We categorize things by how severe we think they are. We convince ourselves that some things we do wrong are not a big deal while we blow other things out of proportion. I believe that wrong is wrong period. I believe we all make bad decisions and choose to do things we know are wrong so why when it comes to someone else, are we so willing to set a different standard? If people would get honest about their own choices in their own lives and work on themselves maybe we wouldn’t have so much time to throw so many stones at others. We claim to know what’s right for someone else yet we ignore to do right in our own lives. I’m just saying, imagine if we became obsessed with our own lives instead of being obsessed with and trying to destroy someone else’s. Can you even imagine how different the world would be? Put your stone down and stop being part of a mob who is making the wrong kind of difference. Become obsessed with something good and you will contribute exactly what we need to make this world a better place.

Some Days


Some days blow in like a tornado turning our normal into tumultuous chaos. When the winds fall silent, we stand in the midst of panic, clutching our heart while everything we once knew is left shredded to pieces, barely recognizable. There are seasons in our lives where we are forced to start over in a direction we never imagined and the fear can cripple us until we feel paralyzed. It’s like a nightmare that we cannot wake up from and we have no choice but to see it to the very end.

It wasn’t too long ago I felt exactly like this. I had no idea what the next minute would bring and all I could do was sit on my situation and breathe. Surrender doesn’t always come easy but when my hand is forced, gradually the destruction left behind turns a blank canvas into a blessing in disguise. Blessings come in many forms. Sometimes the old has to be completely torn down to make way for the new. There is a song I love and one verse goes something like this, what if trials of this life are your mercies in disguise? Sometimes I cannot see the bigger picture because I am so focused on a single frame but time puts most things in perspective and I have to remind myself to be patient and take one moment at a time. Deal with today. Sometimes that is the only way to find the strength to face tomorrow. And who knows? Maybe tomorrow will be far more beautiful than I could ever imagine and the peace I find there waiting for me will make all the pain and tears worth the trials I had to face.

Today is my tomorrow and I am here to tell you it is so amazingly beautiful on this other side. Stand firm in the storm. It will pass.

Not Today


Most days I throw on my armor and I am ready to fight a good fight.

Most days I wake up feeling ready and positive, knowing nothing is big enough to stop me from being who God made me to be.

Most days I inspire and encourage and I use every last bit of strength and energy I have to lift up everyone around me.

Not today.

Today is not a day I do any of those things.

Today I allow myself to feel tired from being beaten down.

Today I allow myself to cry.

Today I allow myself to lie in bed and wonder why.

Today I get to take the cape off that gives me the courage and strength to be the glue that holds even the most broken circumstance together.

Today I can just be me, hoping tomorrow will not be a repeat of today.

Your Words Kill


I read a story today about a young boy who took his life because of some kids who humiliated him for having a colostomy bag. When I see this onslaught of condemnation toward fellow human beings I cannot for the life of me understand how people still don’t get it. Your words, your public and social bullying, your judgement and even your opinions could very well be responsible for killing another human being. When your blame and assault leaves someone in such despair that he takes his own life, do you really not get it? What matters more to you? Insulting a young person on Facebook and comparing him to someone who has done something horrific…getting your likes and cheers from like minded people…is that more important than someone’s life and dignity? Are people really a joke or the latest headline? What if YOU were that person being jeered at? What if it was your child? Do we have to partake in this ugliness and why? What purpose does it serve for the one who does it? I am far from perfect but I value life and I honestly do try to make corrections when I see the error of my ways. If there is someone who needs to read this. If maybe there is a chance it reaches one person, feel free to share. It’s time to change the world and take it in a new direction. Will you join me?

It Will Be Okay


It’s a beautiful day here today. The wind is a little fierce though and as I sit here I imagine tiny holes in my body so I can allow all of the nonsense and stuff that doesn’t serve my soul to blow on through. I can feel the weight leaving me as I write these words. Why do we hang onto the things that try and destroy us? Why do we carry the burdens and worry when our hands are overflowing and our minds are already full? Some days I beg myself to put it down, let it go and get on with enjoying all I am grateful for in this life. I am responsible in every way and I feel responsible for so many every single day. Sometimes it makes me feel tired. Sometimes I just need a little break to sit outside and enjoy the wind in my face. Sometimes I just need to remind myself to hit pause and breathe and to trust that in the end, everything will be okay.

Will You Do It?


Can you go a day without judging someone? Why do we think we know people that we actually know nothing about? Let’s remember one thing as we go into this new day. We are all human beings. We all do our best to live life the best way we know how. We love, we laugh, we try, we fail, we struggle, we suffer, we win, we lose, we cry, we break hearts and we get our hearts broken. We get up and everyday we try again to get it right. Love more. Judge less. Offer support and encouragement. Just for today, compliment instead of criticize. Love people for who they are and not conditionally based on who you think they should be. You may not be able to change the world but you can certainly be the change someone desperately needs. Will you do it?