You Write It Wednesday


We made it to Wednesday. What is it about the middle of the week that gives us an extra boost of enthusiasm? Today I want to hear about something you consistently put off because you just don’t want to do it? Here are my top three.

1) Doctor/Dentist appointments

2) Food shopping

3)Stopping for gas

Your turn? What are your top three?

Where’s That List?


One of you fabulous bloggers posted a suggestion to transform a bucket list into a fuc# it list. At first I thought it was a silly idea but the more I practice it, the more I see the value. It is not only empowering but it is the quickest way I have ever discovered to lighten my mood. Don’t want to do this anymore, put it on the list. Sick of feeling stress and anxiety, leave it right here at #235. It really does work and I guarantee mutually sharing your list with someone else will lead to tears…. of laughter anyway. Why not give it a try for yourself?

What would be the first thing you would write down on your list today?

You Write It Wednesday!


Recently, I wrote a post about saying yes to the things that are good for your soul. Think about how many times you take a pass on those things and choose things that leave you feeling lifeless and drained. This week I said yes to:

  • Comfy yoga pants
  • Sleeping in
  • Shopping with a friend
  • Loving my body exactly the way it is
  • Counting my blessings 
  • Being excited about my life

Your turn. What did you say yes to this week?

Shut Up!


For most of us, life starts back up today. I awoke with that gnawing tug of uncomfortable pain that I should be doing something, anything, everything. Time to rip the tree down, time to clean the house, time to go food shopping. This year I am committed to stifling that nagging voice that is a constant thief of my inner peace. I realize that the pang of anxiety I feel is life’s expectations lining up for me to take on. The bottom line is this, you don’t have to be the fastest or most dedicated rat in the race. In fact, don’t think of life as a race at all. It should be the exact opposite, savoring and lingering in every moment. Tell your mind the only way to finish a marathon is slow and steady and spend an extra hour in bed today. You determine the pace of your own life and choose wisely because you are the only one who has to live it. Slow down, take a breath and don’t forget to live in between the list of things you tell yourself you have to do. Shut up mind! I’m going back to bed.

5 Things I Have Learned This Week


1) Never ever waste your time making instant oatmeal. It’s gross and isn’t all oatmeal really instant anyway?

2) It’s okay to make a pie with store bought filling. Everyone will eat it just the same.

3) You can get the Black Friday deals online on Thanksgiving morning so there is no reason to miss the turkey or to get up at an ungodly hour the day after when you are feeling sluggish and bloated.

4) Never buy a Christmas tree that is front heavy. It will be a long and disappointing holiday season. On a good note, you will never make that mistake twice!

5) Don’t become the rush around you. Take a moment to enjoy some solitude and just breathe.