Is This Who We’ve Become?


I walked into McDonalds a few minutes ago to get my son some food. The first person I saw was asking the cashier for a manager because he wanted the lampshades removed. He explained that everytime he comes in to eat he stands up and hits his head on the light. Part of being a decent human being is knowing when to keep my mouth shut and I am proud to say that is exactly what I decided to do. How is it that we think a light should be removed rather than using our brain to remember not to bump our own head? Why is it that if something is not completely to our liking, we think that something should be changed?

The next man I heard was demanding his three dollars back because he had been standing there waiting fifteen minutes for his food. Adults are sounding more and more like toddlers and it’s shameful and embarrassing to watch. I want what I want, when I want it or I will throw a tantrum. Do we feel so entitled to everything being at our convienence that we cannot even wait a few minutes for our food?

Sometimes we have to take a good, long look in the mirror and ask, am I an asshole? The real question is, would we even know?

Please Don’t Ban The Minions Too!


Ban religion, ban the flag but please don’t ban our McDonalds minion toys. From the  moment I got out of bed today, I have been laughing uncomtrollably. My husband called and told me to check out the latest news and all I could think was, really? Now what? See, with the latest trend being banning, I have taken it upon myself to ban the news. However, I was pleasantly surprised that there was finally breaking news to make me smile, well laugh I guess.

Apparently parents are upset by what sounds like an inappropriate phrase spoken by the innocent minion wearing orange pants. Maybe it’s innocent, maybe planned but hearing the minion say what sounds like “wtf” is pretty darn funny. I put it to the test myself. I had my 13 year old son listen to the phrase over and over and he honestly had no idea what this hysterical yellow (I don’t know what) was saying. In fact he got pretty frustrated that he couldn’t figure it out. When I told him what they were alleging he was saying, he cracked up. So, I say if you’re not looking for those words specifically, you probably wouldn’t notice them but if a young child does pick it up, my question is where did he hear that phrase in the first place? The double edge sword for parents is by bringing it to the attention of the media, DUH! It will certainly get more attention. 

Are they really naughty of just wondering what really is going on with humans today? Anyway, least be honest, aren’t we all a little naughty?

Am I going from McDonalds to find that adorable minion toy for myself? I’ll never tell!

Please leave our minions alone!

The Value of a Penny


There are some lessons or situations I choose to share because I think there may be some value to pondering the underlying concept. This is one of those situations. I don’t know why I always have an “experience” when I pull up to a drive through window. I am thinking about video taping my next few excursions so you can actually see the situations with your own eyes.

Last night we hopped in the car at 10pm and drove to the nearest McDonalds for a late night ice cream treat. We pulled up to the window and the young man behind the window mumbled something that we couldn’t quite comprehend. So, my husband asked if he could repeat himself and he replied, “You have the 2 flurries, an ice cream sundae and two vanilla cones right?” We couldn’t help but smile at each other because this drive through experience was really going well. Then, as the young man handed us our change, something fell to the ground. He stuck his head out of his window and searched long and hard. Then he said, “No big deal, it was just a penny.”

I could feel my daughters mood turning to dread as I turned around and asked her what she thought about the whole situation and how she would’ve handled it. I must say I was very proud when she told us she would have taken another penny out of the drawer to make up the difference. However, she also admitted she would probably have been too lazy to walk outside and pick the fallen penny up. Thus came the lesson of balancing your drawer at the end of the night. I could’ve ignored the whole scene, but I think it’s imperative to teach the kids how to handle themselves properly in real life. I am saddened that they really just don’t know.

The whole situation made me think about an inspiring post I read a little over a week ago. This young girl that I follow that has been on several mission trips to other countries. She wanted to find a way to make the world a better place. She explained to her young class that there are people in other countries that do not have clean water to drink. She encouraged them to fill a large ziplock baggy with all the pennies they found lying around their house. Once the bag reached a certain mark, the bag would hold 25.00 dollars in pennies, enough to provide clean water for someone for an entire year.These young kids, inspired by this young teacher, stood proudly holding their bags while smiling for the picture. What an inspiring story. So, the thought of this young man not seeing the value or potential of this single penny gave me a reason to tell my story. I will not quit on these kids. Hopefully with a little bit of teaching and patience, they will start to think for themselves and find new and exciting ways to make the world a better place. Maybe by helping them see their own value, they will also be able to see the value in everything around them.