All Lives Matter


Today my nephew is two years old. It’s so hard to believe, that not so long ago, he wasn’t even thought of. It’s so amazing how one tiny person can grow a family so big. One single person can make such a significant difference in the whole picture.

Today I am reminded that we all have value. Each and every one of us is so special and contributes to a family, society and the world in our own unique way. 

We all matter. We all serve a purpose. Make your purpose a great one and let your mission in life be to leave this world a little better off than the moment you entered it.


Make Moments Count


Life is different in every moment. One minute you are sitting at an NBA playoff basketball game having the time of your life, and the next minute you are driving home scared to death for your safety because of the storms looming around you. That was our night last night. It is a reminder that we can never know what is waiting for us in the next moment. Really, it doesn’t even matter. What does matter is that you are making the most out of every single one appreciating and acknowledging that the one you are in will never come again.

So much time is wasted on living in the past, and even more is wasted not living in the present. You should plan a trip there once in awhile because it really is a great place to be. It is called the present for a good reason. Think about how each moment is a gift, if you take the time and attention to be there.


Will You Leave A Mark?


I think it’s normal for us to contemplate if our life here on Earth has been significant enough for us to leave a mark. As I get older, I realize I have been looking at the whole idea the wrong way. What exactly does leaving a mark mean? Does it mean that one day I will become President, or perhaps be the one who finally comes up with a cure for that dreaded disease we call cancer? Or actually, is it much simpler than that?

I really believe that contributing to the world in a positive way changes the world. It changes the people around us that follow our example and our attitude to extend kindness and peace all around us. The changes may not be profound and certainly not written in any history books, but I believe that every action, every word, every example that makes a positive difference is the mark we should be striving for.

I watched my daughter walk up in front of her swim team last night at the end of the year banquet. She was proud and confident and her posture and easy smile was a clear indicator that she is comfortable and sure of herself. Kids like that really shine. It was right then and there I knew I left my mark. I did my job. I have raised two wonderful kids that do not follow the crowd. They do not go along to get along but rather they stand proudly tall as their own person with their own ideas.

Those are the types of people that bring about change. Those are the type of people that raise the bar a little bit higher. I can only hope that my example carries through their lives and through the lives of their children. We often have conversations about how our attitude and actions affect everyone and everything around us. What you put out comes ricocheting right back. Being conscious of that simple fact is the first step. If you don’t like what you are receiving, then it’s time to take a good, hard look at what it is you are putting out there. So, are you ready to take a look?

Nightmare On my Street


Coming to you straight out of Dream Moods Dictionary:


To dream that you are screaming symbolizes anger and fear. You are expressing some powerful emotion which you have kept pent up inside. If you try to scream, but no sound comes out, then it indicates your sense of helplessness and frustration in some situation. No matter how hard you try to get someone’s attention, they cannot hear you. The dream highlights your difficulty in communicating with this person. You need to immediately identify your fears or feelings and confront this situation in real life. Alternatively, your inability to scream may be a form of REM paralysis.

Okay, so I posted recently that I have been having nightmares. Last night was no exception. This one was different in a very distinct way. For years, I have tried to cry out for help in my dreams. For years, I have opened my mouth and made several attempts to squeak out the tiniest hint of noise. There I was standing there paralyzed in fear helpless because I had no voice.

I am happy to report that after 42 years of living I have finally found my scream. It woke me up and the sound of it scared my waking self half to death but as soon as I realized what had happened I could not stop laughing. Why did I find it humorous? I have no idea but I think it because I have overcome some type of obstacle. I have moved to the next level of conquering whatever it is I have been trying to battle. And the truth? I woke up feeling really, really good today. I feel stronger and happy and hopeful. I am that warrior at the end of the day who recognizes the power he holds in his sword. And, yes, I am a little crazy so we will have to allow that in the mix too.

Maybe there really is some truth to this silly dream dictionary. Maybe I really do feel better because whatever I have been holding quietly inside has found a direct tunnel out. Maybe my scream was a symbol of emotional release or that I am finally feeling like I have a grip on things and the power I need to muddle through exists right there inside of me.

Bizarre post I know, but one I was excited to share. Have you ever tried to scream in a dream? If so, did you have a voice?