I’m Right! No, I’m Right!


In a time where so many of us see the world differently, how can you be sure your version is right? Why are you so positive that you are the one thinking logically and others are not thinking clearly? Have you even ever asked yourself this question? We only know what we are open to hearing information about but are most of us truly open to hearing information that contradicts our personal opinion? I watch people swear with absolute assertion that something is matter of fact even when half the population sees the same situation in an opposite manner. Could it be that half of us are right and the other half are just plain crazy? We really need to start thinking about this. Or could it be that we only focus on the so called people and facts that feed our narrative so we never see the complete picture at all? Something to think about. 


What In The World?


I just cannot put my finger on what is happening today. I really believe that people feel so insignificant that they become fixated on being seen and heard. Why do people feel so small that they have to take drastic measures to get attention? I’m starting to think the world needs more hugs. Seriously, I think  people are crying out for love and affection ….. Please hug someone today. We desperately need to heal this world. 

What is Truth?


All this talk about truth lately was been weighing heavily on my mind. Who do we believe anymore? Who can we trust? We see news reporters reporting on the same story yet the the stories contradict themselves. How can the same story be told so many different ways? Entirely opposite ways? In art, I could paint one image and manipulate your interpretation of it simply by changing the colors. The first painting could be covered in bright, beautiful colors and the second in drab, dreary ones.  I can purposely paint a happy, positive scene or a dark and negative one and that is most likely how you would interpret it. We are losing the truth, hidden somewhere behind the color. We are being tugged one way or another and it’s not doing anything to help our country heal and come together. Where is the truth? Would we even recognize it anymore because of the way we have been manipulated for so long? What a sad state when news reporting has become more like art and art has become more like truth. Just something to think about. Maybe truth IS a lost art. I just don’t know.

The Badge of Hypocritical Honor


This whole hype over fake news has me pondering something today. Are we so closed off to hearing the truth because we are so dishonest ourselves these days? Would we even recognize it anymore? Our little white lies and need to build a story up to make it seem more exciting reaches far beyond the media. At least  I think so. We love to gossip. We love to break a story that could embarrass or humiliate someone else just for the sake of getting some attention ourselves. We don’t care what the cost is to someone else. If we have the latest scoop, it is our personal duty to tell the rest of the world, isn’t it? You would certainly think so if you went for coffee with the girls or a dinner date with some of the moms from school. They don’t care how much a story might embarrass a family or another kid, they just cannot help but spread the latest story. Even if they don’t even know it’s true. Could it be we are so untrustworthy of others because we are untrustworthy ourselves? Could we question others motives because our intentions are often questionable as well?

What amazes me is we are so quick to accuse and condemn everyone else for the very behavior we are blatantly guilty of performing ourselves. We have designated ourselves the high honor of being judge and jury to everyone and everything while we sit high and mighty on our invisible throne wearing our badge of hypocritical honor. At least we look good doing it. We wear it well.

Who Are You Voting For?


No seriously, do not answer that question. I really don’t care. I’m not even curious about who you think won the debate or who you think is the more disgraceful human being. I’m interested in the tone you use when you speak to others, your character and your ability to make peace and not start war. It absolutely pains me to see the worst of the worst come out in people at election time. Tonight’s first debate was no exception. What I don’t understand is how easily people make another’s presidential choice an opportunity to insult them personally. Statements like, someone like you who supports bigotry and racism..or better yet, how could you support a person who is basically the scum of the earth? It’s like an insulting way of insinuating that birds of a feather flock together and you are a disgraceful, dirty bird. This elitist I’m better than you or morally far above you attitude has got to stop. I have lost a tremendous amount of respect for so many people to the point that I almost wish I knew much less about them. I’m sick of rude and mean and smug and every insult, fact checker and anything else that goes along with it. The people whose comments I see are no better than the candidates they are too good to support or claim to hate. In fact, some display the exact same behavior that they complain about but they think they are on a level above everyone else and they can’t even see it in themselves. Its pathetic really how easily we jump to a conclusion about someone who believes something different than we do. Wouldn’t it be better off for everyone to ask why do you so strongly support whichever candidate instead of trying to demean and insult them when their choice is not the same as yours? Sometimes it’s best to not share every media post or even your opinion because at the end of the day the world needs less opinions and more kindness. But that’s what makes America great right? Our right to speak out even when it is causing tension and turmoil. The first amendment is a right but not an excuse to abuse or demean another human being. We are better than that right? At least we ought to be. That’s just my opinion but we already have enough of those.

Can The World Even Recognize a Hero Anymore?


I watched as the news media proclaimed Hillary Clinton a hero. The spin was something out of a Disney fairytale. A woman at that age who can keep up with that kind of schedule even with pneumonia shows she is in a category with Wonder Woman herself. Before you get your nose up in the air, this post is not about Hillary Clinton. In fact it is about ordinary people and how we perceive them.

I’m not sure when we started to accept the mindset that we should work until we collapse. I don’t know when that kind of behavior became glorified but the stories I lived and learned about women who were my heroes look much different than the ones woman are identifying with today. Through the years I recognized my importance in the roll of my family and keeping it connected and running smoothly. As a woman, I recognize that I am the battery that makes the clock tick and without me that clock would at the very least slow down and get off track and maybe even stop functioning altogether. I realized several years ago that the only way to do my job and do it well was by taking care of myself first. As a young mom with a husband who traveled and absolutely no family around to help, I realized that if I didn’t care for myself first,  I would be in no position to care for anyone else. I couldn’t push myself to utter collapse because who would take care of my babies and keep them safe? I had to learn that my biggest strength would come by recognizing my limitations and admitting when it was time to step back for a moment and take a break. It’s necessary to know your mind and body well enough to nurture it when it needs nurturing and to push it when it needs motivation. But to not have the comman sense or instinct to know when to say when is alarming not only for oneself but for everyone around you. So what does a hero really look like? A woman who pushes herself until she literally collapses or one who knows when to take care of herself? Who is better suited to run the world, her household, her business? I guess we all have to decide for ourselves.

An Eye For an Eye


We pile people into boxes. We sort and divide a few of them in our mind and then we stuff everyone like them in the same place, labeling them with out sharpie pen. We write labels like black, white, racist, cop, democrat, republican. People are more complex then the superficial label we put on them. We have to stop looking at one small part of them and and assume that is all they are. We also have to stop identifying ohrselves as this or that. We are all individuals. Our thoughts, our experiences and our actions separate us from everyone else. This anger, this tit for tat and eye for an eye mentality is poisoning humanity one person at a time. Right has to start here. Right now. We can’t go back and right every wrong but we can sure as hell stop another one from happening. We have to stand together, side by side, hand in hand but our anger keeps us worlds apart. Anger breeds hate and hate breeds pain. What more is there to say? How many more years can we survive as what we are slowly becoming? How do we change it? How do we stop the madness? Do not become part of the problem. Be an example of peace, forgiveness, love. Don’t make excuses for anyone in any situation at any level. Right has to be right and wrong has to be punished every single time. Whether you are the Secretary of State, a police officer or a common criminal, wrong has to be treated as wrong and we need to make an example of wrong by punishing actions every single time. No exceptions. No get out of jail free card no matter who you are, what job you hold or the color of your skin. No giving a pass because of something in the past that was handled wrong or a situation that wasn’t handled at all. Can we do that? Will we do that? It doesn’t seem so at this point in time. I don’t think we want it bad enough. We are more focused on power and retribution than we are making this world a better place. It starts with you and me. One person, one day at a time, one decision at a time.