Halloween MEET and GREET! Leave your Link!!!


Great opportunity to meet new bloggers!


Devianart Wildraven

HALLOWEEN Meet and Greet!

Is Friday tomorrow here in US is HALLOWEEN  let’s Celebrate with our weekly  event!

Meet and Greet and discover new Bloggers!

Please everyone leave your links into the comments…
and if you really want to help this event to be successfully great a reblog would be awesome!!!

Tomorrow a new “Featured of the Week”! Who would be???

Featured Image -- 1967

I love how great is to be able to support other artists and creators that are walking steps into this amazing world of beautiful creativity,  being able to be unified trough the universal love and light surrounding this cosmos.
Being here Blogging our souls out is like there is not distances or barriers between all of us.

Stay connected and leave your link see you tomorrow with a New Feature Blog!

Happy Halloween!



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Birthday Party (Meet and Greet)


Another meet and greet and make sure you stop by and say happy birthday to http://ajourneywithyou.com/

A Journey With You

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I am taking the day off to have a party. What can you give me as a present?

Leave a link to your blog in the comment section and visit a few new blogs.

And if you really want to make me happy, have some chocolate.

See you later in the week when I will be older and wiser.

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How to Gain Free Exposure for Your Blog: Reblogging


A great opportunity if you’re looking for exposure. Thank you to Dream Big, Dream Often for allowing this wonderful opportunity.

Dream Big, Dream Often

2Today as is my usual routine on Meet and Greet weekends, I will be reblogging posts.  Please leave the link to your post in the comments and I will review for family-friendly content and then reblog.

If you leave a link please reblog this post as a “thank you” to Dream Big.  It is appreciated!

Hope everyone has a great Friday.

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Connect With Me//Mix and Mingle


Feeling social? Let’s connect with new bloggers!

Be Free 2 Love

Sunday’s on Be Free 2 Love, will now be dedicated to meeting new people!

You never know who will cross your path, and what purpose they will serve in your live.  In my experience so far with life in general, so many others continue to encourage and inspire me, and many have no idea how much they are appreciated.  Let’s take a moment to say hi to someone new, and possibly gain a long-term friend.


In recognition of today, I ask that you do the following:

  1. Please share one fun fact about yourself.
  2. Please share at least one goal you plan to reach for the week.  The more you say it, the more you’ll make it happen!
  3. Leave a link to your page, so others can get to check out your space.
  4. Want to share this post with others? Be sure to pingback and reblog this post, and…

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1 Event Is All It Takes to Change a Blog


Let’s all meet some new bloggers!

Dream Big, Dream Often

IMG_7131I can tell you that one Meet and Greet changed my blog forever!  On April 26 I had approximately 600 followers and received around 70 views per day.  I participated in a MnG on A Good Blog Is Hard to Find (Formerly Harsh Reality) and from that Jason reblogged my post.  That day I received 50 new followers and tripled my views.  I never looked back! lol

I understand that I do not hold the online power of 55,000 followers, but you get the point.

Here is the link for this weekend’s Meet and Greet, simply follow the instructions:

Meet and Greet Party Time

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